Expanding Our Consciousness

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 20, 2009

In 517 BC, Plato created a story to depict the human condition, and it still applies today.  He asks the people he was talking with to imagine a group of people held captive in a cave all of their lives.  Their experiences consists of watching shadows on a wall produced by what was going on outside in the light.  This experience was their reality, and they believed that it was the only reality that existed.

 Then one day one of the prisoners broke free and got out of the cave, where, of course, he experienced a whole new world.  He returned to the cave to tell the others what he had discovered, but they didn’t believe him.  They couldn’t imagine there being something more than what they had experienced all of their lives.

 This story clearly depicts the human condition for most people today.  They are unable to expand their consciousness to conceive of possibilities beyond what they have experienced in the past.  In the past we have only been aware of our left brain abilities, such as reason and logic, linear thinking and verbal communication.  How could there possibly be something more than that?

 Yet, many of us have heard about right brain abilities that can be developed by expanding our consciousness.  On some level we can begin to see greater possibilities.  We know that our left brain is limited in that it can only see parts of a whole.  Could it really be possible that we could expand our consciousness to the point of experiencing wholeness, where we could see how the parts fit together and relate to each other?  Could we actually become more creative and intuitively receive knowledge?  Is there truly a whole new world that we could discover?

 Is it time for you to free yourself from experiencing only past experiences?  Is it time for you to expand your awareness and discover a whole new world?

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