About Dr. Stevens
Bobbie Stevens, Ph.D., is the founder and president of Unlimited Futures, LLC, an organization that has been providing programs for the development of human potential for over twenty years. She holds doctorates in psychology and business management.

After a successful business career, she founded The American Institute for Creativity, Health and Productivity. Dr. Stevens’ work has resulted in a higher quality of life for thousands of individuals. Her executive development programs have made outstanding contributions to many Fortune 500 firms, as well as numerous smaller companies. Bobbie lives and works with her husband, Dr. Dean Portinga, in Naples, Florida.


About Dr. Portinga
Dean R. Portinga, Th.D. Ph.D. joined his wife Dr. Bobbie Stevens in Unlimited Futures in 1986, after having served, for the past 7 years, as the director of the Charlson Research Foundation, a foundation conducting research in the physical sciences, life sciences and spirituality.

He facilitated many of the Unlimited Futures courses, and due to his background in theology, and having written his doctoral dissertation on comparative religions, the course participants begin asking him about how the principles they were learning in the course related to their religions.

One of the things that occurred to him, during this time, was that the principles that his wife had discovered were written about in many sacred writings through out history. This was news to her since she was not a student of theology, and came by her discoveries intuitively, through a process of human potential development.

At the request of the Unlimited Futures participant’s, Dr. Portinga put together a series of workshops on what he called spiritual insight. These workshops became very popular, and as a result he started a new company which he calls Spiritual Insight.

He is still a facilitator of the Unlimited Futures Programs, and also provides a home study program, an e book and other information about bridging the gap between religion and spirituality through his Spiritual Insights company.  You may visit his web site by going to www.spiritual-insights.net

About Unlimited Futures
Many years ago Dr. Stevens made a discovery that totally changed her life; the results of which inspired her to create and provide programs for the development of the unlimited potential we all have within ourselves.

She has now written a book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, to share this discovery with many more people. Unlimited Futures helps people to understand the role they play in creating their own life experiences, and to use the innate ability we all possess for taking charge of our lives. With specific examples, Dr. Stevens shows us how our limited beliefs, which cause so much stress in our lives, keep us in the “same old ruts”.

She then provides step-by-step guidelines for developing our inner ability to function from a much more effective and efficient level. Unlimited Futures teaches us to recognize some major principles that govern our lives, and how to live in harmony with these principles to create whatever we want: health, better relationships, a fulfilling career, a life partner, wealth, happiness and inner peace. Dr. Stevens expertly guides us through this process, as she has for thousands of individuals who have now created more successful and fulfilling lives than they ever would have thought possible.