We, as human beings, are in the middle of a huge awakening. This awakening will change how we see the world and function within it, affecting every aspect of our lives.

The human race has now evolved to a point where we are discovering possibilities far beyond anything we have imagined in the past. The purpose of Unlimited Futures is to aid in this awakening and to help people develop abilities that we as a society have not recognized before.

This awakening has been underway since the 1960s, and we are at a point now where many people are realizing that there is something more possible for us as human beings. A major shift in consciousness is required to create the kind of lives we dream of and the kind of world we want to live in. It has become increasingly obvious that the old ways of seeing the world – and the old ways of functioning in it – have not brought about the results we have been striving for.

We are participating in a major step in the evolution of human consciousness. It will change our lives and the world around us, even more than the significant advances made in the computer age. Many studies have been conducted, and books written about this trend over the last 40 years. For a good up-to-date review we recommend reading the book Megatrends 2010 – The Rise of Conscious Capitalism written by Patricia Aburdene.

To this point in time we have only been aware of a small amount of our innate potential. Unlimited Futures talks about this in terms of left brain and right brain abilities. Left brain functions include reason and logic, linear thinking, analysis, memory, beliefs and verbal communication. Our way of everyday functioning, for the most part, is a result of our reliance on left brain activity. Our entire educational system is designed to develop these abilities.

We have been so busy living in our left brain world, that few people even dared to ask if there wasn’t something more. However in the late 1950s, the noted psychologist Abraham Maslow asked this all important question, and dared to pursue it. He observed that a few people he knew seemed to see the world from a totally different perspective, and functioned in a different way. His curiosity led him to conduct an extensive study of what he called “the healthiest people in our society”. He found that these exceptional people had all discovered a new way of accessing knowledge. We know it as intuition. These people were highly creative and productive. They saw the world from unique points of view, and observed that they could fulfill their needs and desires from within themselves. Maslow coined the term self-actualized for these individuals who could connect to reservoirs of resources deep within.

For more information on characteristics of self actualized people, see Dr. Stevens book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, Part II, Chapter 4 or read Abraham Maslow’s works.

Self actualized people have discovered and developed their right brain abilities. These capabilities include intuition, creativity, receptivity and inventiveness. It also includes the capacity to see the big picture and understand complex systems, being able to spontaneously experience an awareness of how parts of the whole fit together and affect each other.

Most of us have been aware that some people seem to be intuitive, but, as a society, we have given very little credence to this. Since our left brains cannot grasp the concept, we have virtually ignored it until recently. Now, however, people are searching for more fulfilling ways to live their lives and many have discovered that these abilities do indeed exist. These innate resources are within each of us and we can develop them whenever we choose.

Right brain abilities develop as a result of what Unlimited Futures calls “high-level wellness”. Not only are self-actualized people the most productive people in our society, they are the healthiest. In fact being self-actualized is a characteristic of optimal health.

Right brain abilities are developed in a totally different way than left brain abilities. The left brain can be taught. It responds and expands on the information that is delivered to it. The left brain, however, is limited. In order to reach optimal health and functioning we must develop our right brain abilities, which are unlimited. The right brain cannot be taught, it expands through personal discovery. Therefore, in order to discover our right brain abilities we must remove ourselves from experiences that keep the left brain in control.