Accessing Intuitive Guidance

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on January 6, 2014

Have you ever wondered if thoughts that come to you are intuitive or just a regular thought?  Intuitive guidance is available for all of us but sometimes we find it difficult to access it or know the difference between intuitive guidance and simply programmed thinking. The difference, of course, is where the thought is coming from, and sometimes it is very difficult to know if our thoughts are coming from the intellect or if we have transcended (gone beyond) the intellect and merged our conscious mind with universal intelligence.  Intuitive guidance comes from universal intelligence or the super-conscious.

Sometimes we get intuitive guidance when we are least expecting it but something comes to us that we just feel is right.  Somehow we just know it is intuition and again when we are looking for intuitive guidance we aren’t sure.

Everything in existence is the source (love) expressing intelligently through energy.  Energy varies from very dense to highly refined.  And universal intelligence or the super-conscious is a very highly refined energy.  The way we are able to freely tune into it is by refining the energy of our mind/body systems so that it is capable of merging with the highly refined energy of universal intelligence.

When we are able to do this we can ask questions when returning from a level of deep silence and expect to get intuitive answers.  This is the level where our thoughts are also the most powerful.  When we can bring in a thought at this time we can form the energy that will manifest in our lives.

Many years ago I discovered a process for releasing stress and refining the energy of our mind/body systems.  After years of experimenting with this process and proving over and over that through this process we become capable of receiving intuitive guidance and manifesting our desires, I begin sharing it with others in what is now our Unlimited Futures Courses.

As the result of using this process I had what Abraham Maslow calls a peak experience where I was able to see the entire universe, understand its workings, and my place in it.  I clearly understood that my purpose in life is to share this process.  That is the entire reason and purpose of our company Unlimited Futures.

Since that time thousands of people have worked with this process and discovered their own ability to receive intuitive guidance and as a result create the life they wanted for themselves.

I have described the entire process in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

I have also provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines for working with the process.

In addition I have created what we call our Core Course and follow up courses to help people develop their own ability to access intuitive guidance and create the life they want for themselves.  You may order the book just for shipping and handling and you can download a free introduction to our Core Course by simply clicking in the box requesting it on any page of our web site.





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Kristian January 18, 2014 at 9:36 am

Hello, Bobbie!

Thank you for your teachings. I have two copies of your book – one to study and one spare or to give it to read to someone who would appreciate it.

I have a question for you: I’ve been doing everything the right way – meditating, visualising, releasing all my limiting beliefs, etc. I know what I want and believe it will happen to me. The only thing is that it seems that no matter how much I mediate I never get an answer to what I should do to accomplish my goals. No visions during meditation, no intuitive prompts or any other kind of help that would give me understanding of what I should do to achieve what I decided to.

Can you please advise me on that? When you received your guidance of getting real estate agent’s licence, it brilliantly worked for you. Why I am not getting any guidance myself even though I have been meditating for weeks now?



Dr. Bobbie Stevens January 20, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for you message. The problem is the stress that gets built up in our nervous systems blocks our ability to connect with the intuitive guidance. If you have not experienced our Core Course I would highly recommend that you do that. It walks you through an in-depth process for releasing stress and refining the energy of the entire mind/body system which is necessary for gaining access to intuitive guidance. We do not know how long it will take, but it is a process over time. Most of us have overstressed ourselves for some time and it will take some time to release it and refine the energy so that you can connect with that part of yourself that knows the answers. It requires a real commitment, but so well worth it.


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