A Truly Amazing Example of Personal Growth

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 16, 2010

The end of January this year I received an e mail from our former daughter-in-law.  She and Dean’s son parted ways in the late eighties.  I heard that she had remarried some time later, and several years ago she and her husband were vacationing in our area, and called us.  We all went out for dinner.  We liked her husband very much and they seemed very happy and really living the good life.

About a year later I got an e mail from her telling me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through chemotherapy.  She seemed to be handling it well and sent out e mails to all her friends telling us about her progress on a regular basis.  After she finished her treatments I didn’t hear from her for over a year until I received the e mail in late January.

In this e mail she told me that they had experienced a really tough year.  Her dad had died, which was really hard on her since they were so close, and her mother moved near her in an assisted living place, and she was her primary caregiver.  Her husband’s dad had also died.

Also, during the time she was in her cancer treatment her husband had gone through a few surgeries.  He had problems with his heart and still was not doing well.  They were both depressed, with good reason.  All of the medical bills put them in a terrible financial condition.  They lost their house, along with her husband’s 401K and all of their investments.

She said, “I really lost something when the cancer hit, especially the second time.” I dove into the treatment, helped others, and tried to walk in grace throughout it all, it was the afterward that I got stuck.  Try as I might, all the affirming, visualizing, what have you, did not help.  I think this had something to do with what happened to us with the house and investments.”

Then she said, “In my meditations, I keep getting, to contact you, let you know what happened and ask you…I am not sure what.  Just ask you.”

As soon as I received that e mail, I knew that all the stress had totally overwhelmed both of them.  Even though she had a lot of knowledge about how to live a good life, she now needed help.  I immediately got back to her and told her that we had put our Core Course on DVDs and was preparing to make it available for everyone.  It was not finished, but I would send them the course without the final touches.  I knew that if they started working with this course on a daily basis that their life would turn around.  Over the years that we have been providing this Core Course I have seen people cure themselves of many different health problems including cancer and heart problems, and totally turn their lives around from financial disaster.

I told her that I would send the course and they should start working with it immediately and that I wanted to receive a report each week about how it was going.  They agreed and started working with the course, and their weekly reports were absolutely amazing.

They felt terrible at the time and did not want anyone to know about what had happened to them, so we didn’t speak of it.  However, 7 months later they are happy to share their journey with others, since their lives have made a total turn around.  They are healthy, happy and totally excited about their future.

In my August Newsletter I will tell you about their journey through the last 7 months and the many wonderful things that have happened for them.  This is a great example of what is possible for people who are willing to make a full commitment to taking charge of their lives.  It is truly a case of amazing personal growth.

If you would like to turn your life around or just make it better be sure to check out our Core Course.  Just go to our products page at www.unlimitedfutures.org/products and download your free introductory session of our Core Course.

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