How To Attract Wealth Into Your Life

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on March 29, 2010

Attracting wealth into our lives is done in almost the opposite way than what we have been programmed to believe.  Most people believe that the material world is, well, “material or solid”, and that our resources are limited.

The first thing we need to understand in order to attract wealth is that everything, no matter how solid it may appear, is energy.  Everything in existence including money, our bodies, and everything we see around us is energy, appearing in different forms.  Once we clearly understand that everything is energy and that energy is infinite.  It cannot be destroyed, it only changes forms, and it is always available to us to use to form into whatever we choose.

We create the things and experiences in our lives by moving and forming energy through our thoughts and deepest beliefs.  This is where our challenge comes in.  Most of what we believe is not on the conscious level, and the things that have been programmed into our sub-conscious mind are running our lives.  Therefore, in order to be able to attract wealth to us we have to change many, if not most, of our beliefs.

Most of us are aware of the principle of attraction.  This is a law of nature that is always working, just like gravity.  We are always attracting to ourselves whatever we believe in, and we repel anything that does not fit our beliefs or expectations.  Therefore, most of us have so much programming about limitations that it is not easy to change those beliefs.  Unfortunately, beliefs do not just go away because we intellectually understand that they are not helping us and want to change them.  They are ingrained into our thinking, and in order to change our beliefs we must have a strong healthy nervous system.

This is what Unlimited Futures is all about.  We provide a process for releasing stress and strengthening your nervous system. When practiced on a daily basis, it changes the energy within the mind/body system and makes it possible for us to actually change our beliefs.  This is a process over time that releases the stress created by our beliefs in limitation, and activates abilities that lie dormant within all of us.  This ability to understand how life really works is a potential within all of us, but one that most of us are not capable of accessing.  Therefore, we are unaware that these abilities exist or could exist.

In my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, I lay out this process for strengthening your nervous system, and developing your ability to change your beliefs and start attracting wealth into your life.

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