Attracting the Love of Your Life

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on February 18, 2013

It’s February, the month when our thoughts turn to love.

Being in a happy, harmonious loving relationship is the greatest blessing in the world, and I am sure all of us who have received this blessing feel gratitude for such a wonderful gift every day.

However, when we look closer at love, gifts and blessings we begin to understand the first principle of life we talk about in UF, which is “Everything in existence is Love expressing intelligently through energy”.  Once we understand this we know that love is actually all there is.  Love is who we are.  Therefore, to experience love all we have to do is to know ourselves.

Once we truly know the love that we are, we experience the beauty, joy and perfection, the characteristics of love that are simply a part of who we are.   We begin to feel whole, complete and perfect within ourselves.

The law of attraction is always at work and it will soon attract a perfect partner for us.  This partner will, of course, also know themselves as whole complete and perfect.

We fulfill all of our desires right within ourselves, because we are not separate, but are all a part of one whole perfect existence that works perfectly in accordance with the laws of nature or principles of life.

Therefore, we must be what we desire.  Once we know that wholeness within ourselves and know that whatever we desire is a part of us, our desires are fulfilled.

So, if we are all whole, complete and perfect why are so few people aware of who they are?  The answer to that is stress and pre-programmed beliefs.

Since everything is love being expressed intelligently through energy that energy must be sufficiently refined to allow it to merge with, or know universal intelligence.  Stress causes the energy to be too dense to allow it to be aware of itself as love and intelligence.

Our pre-programmed beliefs keep us believing in dense energy and the limitations of this denseness, and the law of attraction is always attracting to us whatever we believe in.

I tell you this hoping that you will understand that the only way you can fulfill your desires is by releasing the stress and changing the limiting beliefs of the ordinary mind.

I realize that it is impossible for the intellect, ordinary mind, to understand how to be your desires, but that is exactly what has to happen and is what happens when you release enough stress to be able to merge with universal intelligence and experience or awaken to a whole new reality.

If you have been reading my writings in the past, you know that relationships of all kinds are for our growth.  So regardless of the kind of relationships you are experiencing you can know it is helping lead you to learn the things you need to know to move forward.  So it is all good!

But, if you want to attract the love of your life and create a happy, harmonious, loving relationship for yourself the only place to start is with yourself.  This wonderful gift is possible for all of us, but we must become capable of accepting it.

Whether your desire is for love, friendship, happiness, purpose, wealth or anything else it all works the same way.  It is all created within ourselves.  All of these gifts are ours as soon as we are ready to accept them.

Are you ready to start preparing yourself to become a master of life?

You start with the UF Core Course.  Learn the process and make it a habit in your life.  The process is for releasing stress and helping you change your limiting beliefs.  Once you have experienced the Core Course prepare yourself for attending our Stress Release and Personal Growth In-residence course.  That means doing the UF process twice a day for 3 months before the in-residence course.

By this time you should be ready and capable of understanding deeper course material.  The course, not only provides you with more material to deepen your understanding, but it provides two, four day sessions of deep rest for releasing stress. This built stress gets stored in your nervous system and makes the energy of the mind/body system too dense to know who you really are and the immense power that can be available to you.

If you are new to my blogs I have explained in detail the Unlimited Futures process in my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

For an in-depth understanding of the UF Core Course you can simply click in the box on the side of any page on our web site to receive a free introductory session.  You can also find a description of our in-residence course by simply clicking on courses and then Stress Release and Personal Growth In-residence course.

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