Beliefs, Trust and Expectations

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on November 5, 2012

Most of our beliefs are not on the conscious level; therefore we are shocked when some of them show up in our actions and expectations.  All of our experiences are recorded in the sub-conscious and are used to form our beliefs.  This is the main reason for our inability to create what we want in our lives.

As an example you may have been hurt, felt that you were taken advantage of or felt helpless in certain situations in your life.  You vow that you will not let this happen to you again. This experience creates a belief that other people will also hurt you so you expect the worst in future relationships.  This belief blocks your ability to trust others, which is very damaging in relationships.

Trust is an important factor in any good relationship.  And people who are trustworthy are hurt when you do not trust them.  A good relationship must be built on trust, and trustworthy people do not want to participate in a relationship where it doesn’t exist.  And trustworthy people are the only people you want to be in relationship with.  Yet you sabotage what you want most, many times without even realizing what you are doing.

We talked before about how our beliefs create an experience and that experience validates our beliefs.  Because we are not even aware that we are carrying forward these kinds of belief, we keep creating the same kinds of experiences for ourselves.

There is a law of nature that says that you get what you expect.  It is inevitable.  The law of attraction is always working and it always brings to us whatever we believe, focus our attention on, and expect.

Therefore, we keep creating the same kinds of experiences for ourselves until we become aware of these beliefs and realize that the experience of the past is over.  But it continues to hurt us until we can become aware of it and let it go.  This requires some work and special attention.  It doesn’t work to just say I don’t want to believe that anymore.  We must consciously see something different every time that feeling comes up and never follow through with actions around it.

When we understand that we are creating our own experiences through our beliefs, thoughts, attention and expectations, then we can consciously start to create a different reality for ourselves.  We can create a life where only good is going on, since the reality is whatever we believe it to be.  If we can expect only good then that is exactly what we will experience.

For many people this is a giant step, but so well worth aspiring too.

Years ago I had an experience where I could clearly see many of the laws of nature that governs how we create our own experiences.  As a result I founded our company Unlimited Futures to help others be able to create much better lives for themselves.

I discovered a process that releases stress, strengthens our nervous systems and refines the energy in the mind/body system so that we become able to merge our conscious mind with universal intelligence (all knowledge).  Working with this process over time allows us to intuitively understand the laws of nature and how they work.

I have written a book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.  In this book I explain in detail this process and how you can get on the path to creating a much better life for yourself.  In addition I have created a Companion Workbook, a DVD demonstrating the exercises and a CD with relaxation/visualizations.

We also have our Core Course on DVDs and now digital where you can experience this process with others right in the comfort of your own home.  You may download a free introductory session of this course by simply clicking in the box on any page of our web site requesting it.

Once you begin experiencing this natural growth process we provide in residence courses to accelerate this evolutionary process.

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