Right Brain Development

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on July 29, 2009

Are you familiar with all the talk about the difference between right       brain and left brain abilities?  Many books and articles have been written lately on the subject of right brain development.

 Many people are now beginning to realize that we have the potential to experience so much more in our lives by developing our right brain abilities.  Intuition is now being taken seriously, and we know that it is real and extremely valuable, but few people know how to develop it or how to distinguish the difference between intuition and the intellect.  Intuition is a right brain ability and how the right brain communicates with us.

 In the past most of us have lived in a left brain world.  Our educational system is designed to develop our left brain abilities such has, reason and logic, linear, sequential, analytical thinking, and verbal communication.  For the most part we have been unaware of our right brain abilities such as intuition, creativity, innovation and the ability to see the big picture.  These abilities cannot be taught or learned.  Right brain development is a discovery process.  We must take ourselves out of our left brain functioning and go within to discover the wonderful possibilities that lie dormant within us.


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