Bringing Happiness into Your Life

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on June 13, 2011

We all want to be happy, but what determines happiness?  We usually think it relates to what is going on in our outer experiences.  Actually happiness is a by-product of high level wellness.

When the nervous system is overstressed the endocrine system doesn’t function properly and doesn’t secrete the serotonin necessary for a sense of well being.  That along with our beliefs or our self talk blocks our ability to experience happiness regardless of what is happening in our external world.

The thing that we never understood before is the connection between our health, happiness and success.  Our ability to be happy or to accomplish our goals is determined by how well the entire mind/body system is functioning.  It is true that some areas of body can function well while others are impaired, but what determines our level of happiness is the condition of our nervous system.

It is the stress that gets built up in our nervous systems that causes all kinds of illnesses.  When the system, that carries all the messages from the mind to the body and returns information from the body to the mind, is not functioning properly unhappiness and illness is inevitable.

If we want to be happy the first step is to start taking better care of our health.

Many years ago I discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening the nervous system.  This process includes some stretching exercises, breathing exercises and meditation.  When we work with this process on a daily basis it begins to release the stress that blocks the proper functioning of the nervous system.  As this stress is released the intelligence of the mind/body starts healing itself.

At some point this healing process turns into a strengthening process and we begin to experience high level wellness.  Since so few people experience high level wellness we are unfamiliar with the possibilities that exist when we can function from this level of health.

The immune system becomes stronger as the nervous system is healed and the entire endocrine system begins to secrete the hormones necessary to produce a feeling of well being, peace of mind, confidence and happiness.  It affects every aspect of our lives.

If you are looking for happiness you are in the right place.  The only way you will find happiness is by developing it within yourself, and I can provide you with step-by-step guidelines for creating a whole new world for yourself.

I have described my discovery in a book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. And in this book I describe a process in detail for releasing stress and strengthening your nervous system which will bring you into a whole new world of health and experience.  I have also created a DVD, CD and a Companion Workbook to help you get started.

In addition we now have our Personal Growth and Development Core Course on DVDs so you can experience this course in the comfort of your own home.  You can also download an introductory session of this course free by simply clicking in the box on the side of this page requesting it.

Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.


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