Stress Relieving
Energizer & Breathing Exercise DVD

Removing stress is the starting point to slowing down, take back control of your life and creating the life you want.

By becoming relaxed, calm and peaceful and removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life you’ll open yourself up to new way of feeling and behaving leading to making better choices and achieving them.

The easiest way to relax your mind is to relax your body.

It has scientifically been proved that you absolutely cannot feel angry, fearful, anxious, insecure, unsafe as long as your muscles remain perfectly relaxed.

This DVD will help you to get your muscles relaxed
The DVD will take you through a series of exercises to relax your body, bring your mind into focus and allow you to mentally and emotionally relax.
This is a whole new feeling you will love!

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Guided Visualization CD

Visualization is an important step in creating or achieving what you want.

Visualization has become common practice for athletes, golfers and other sportsmen. It’s a process they use to see themselves, in their mind, achieving the goal they have set.

If you’re new to visualization, this CD will help you to get started.

There are seven separate visualizations that Dr. Bobbie Stevens will walk you through. All you have to do is find somewhere quiet where you will not be distrubed, sit down, put your feet up and listen to the CD.

You’ll find yourself falling into a deep relaxed or blissful state. The continued listening of Bobbie Steven’s visualizations help you get into this relaxed state of mind.

You’ll feel great!

Grab this CD now and get started today.

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Softbound, Second edition of Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want by Bobbie R. Stevens Ph.D.

In Bobbie’s book, you’lldiscover how to take charge of your life and create the life you want.

  • Recognize principles that govern your life
  • Create health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Improve your relationships
  • Understand how you create your own experiences
  • Find inner peace and contentment
  • Become clear about what you want in your life
  • Work with a seven-step process to create whatever you want
  • Create an ideal mate for yourself
  • Discover your own source of happiness.

More than just words – Dr. Stevens gives you tangible tools you CAN use to realize your FULL potential starting today!.

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Companion Workbook (eBook)

This is an eBook available for immediate download.

As you begin to map out your new life, you’re going to want to have somewhere where you can write things down, jot down notes, scribble, draw, color, however you like to express your self. This is just what the Companion Workbook is for.

This Workbook dovetails nicely with what you will be learning from reading the Unlimited Futures Book and will act as your own journal that you can refer to as often as you like.

Take it with you wherever you go! You’ll want to jot things down as they come to you, which they will, and later be able to go back and track the progress you’re making.

This book contains the recommended written exercises for you to do and provides spaces for you to complete them. This follows a proven sequence of learning that will accelerate your growth; just follow the instructions and you’ll be building an unshakable foundation for the future.

There are 60 pages in total; it’s a tremendous value and a workbook you’ll want to grab as you begin to make changes in your life.

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You can now get the collection of above products (Best Value):

Stress Relieving Energizer & Breathing Exercise DVD
Guided Visualization CD
Softbound, Second edition of Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want by Bobbie R. Stevens Ph.D.
Companion Workbook (eBook)

Yours today for just $89.84  $63.95