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Living a Healthier, Happier and More Fulfilling Life

November 3, 2015

Do you ever think “There must be more to life than what I am experiencing”. I was having this thought years ago when I discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening my nervous system. As the stress was released and the nervous system became stronger I automatically moved into a much more advanced way […]

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Sharing an Opportunity Regarding Health

May 13, 2014

We at Unlimited Futures, like to share any opportunities that comes our way for self-improvement and we have an opportunity today to share an opportunity concerning your health. Our friends at Learning Strategies are giving us the opportunity to learn all about Qigong free. So I wanted to share this opportunity with you. Qigong is […]

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Creating A Healthy Lifestyle

January 23, 2012

First I would like to share with you information about a great new book that is being launched tomorrow.  It is entitled The 5 Minute Motivator, by Dr. Eric Kaplan.  This book is filled with great stories, wisdom and inspiration and I believe it will help you understand the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle.  […]

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Healing, Recovery and Beyond

August 29, 2011

On Saturday I met with Dr. Juliana Nahas, an MD that clearly understands the role of stress in illness, and the value of the Unlimited Futures process, from her own experience.  And Valerie Lower, a breast cancer survivor, who is so grateful for having the Unlimited Futures process to help her in her recovery, that […]

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Optimal Health in All Areas of Life

June 27, 2011

We just finished one of our in-residence courses about integrating the things that the participants have learned in our other courses into all areas of their lives.  It was a great course, and I want to share with you today some of the insights about how our health affects all areas of our lives. I […]

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May 9, 2011

When we think about health we usually think about physical health, without any realization of the connections between physical health and mental, emotional and spiritual health.  As a society we have never understood the interrelatedness of health, happiness and success.  The reality is that if we were perfectly healthy we would also live perfect lives. […]

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Healing, Recovery and Optimal Health

October 5, 2010

Valerie and Gary, the couple I have been telling you about, were here in Florida this week-end getting things done in their new house for moving down next month.  We are so excited about what has happened for both of them as a result of working with the Unlimited Futures Personal Growth and Development Core […]

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Heart Health

September 28, 2010

I just received an up-date from Valerie and Gary.  I have shared their experiences with you in other blogs.  In case you haven’t read them, Valerie is a two time survivor of breast cancer, and Gary has experienced several health problems, including a heart problem that has been bothering him for a number of years. […]

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Optimal Health and Success

September 13, 2010

What is optimal health?  Most of the time we think we are healthy if we are not sick, but what we have discovered is that there are much higher levels of health than what most people ever experience. In the past, we have not understood the connection between health and success.  To be successful in […]

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Health Recovery and Revitalization

September 6, 2010

As I promised in my last blog, I want to expand on what has happened as a result of Valerie’s experience with the Unlimited Futures Core Course. We have been providing the Core Course for over 20 years in person, and have had thousands of people experience it with amazing results.  We have seen people […]

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