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Spiritual Insights

December 3, 2012

If you are not new to my blogs you know that many years ago I made a discovery that totally changed my life and has changed the lives of thousands of others since. I discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening our nervous systems which moves us into a much higher level of consciousness […]

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Spirituality and Self-Help

December 6, 2010

Last week we saw a movie on DVD entitled The Answer Man. It was a good movie.  It was rated R due to some bad language, but it was most interesting.  It was about a man who wrote a self-help book entitled God and Me. His book had been very popular over many years, but […]

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Self Help and Spirituality

November 29, 2010

In order to help ourselves discover the spiritual essence of who we are, one of the things we need to examine is our beliefs. Therefore, let’s discuss the power of our beliefs.  We saw a friend of ours over the Thanksgivings holidays.  He has been through the Unlimited Futures Personal Growth Program, and he wanted […]

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The Difference between Religion and Spirituality

April 12, 2010

I often hear people seemingly confused about religion and spirituality.  Here I want to explain the difference between religion and spirituality.  Religion is about beliefs.  Webster defines it as (1) the service and worship of God or the supernatural; (2) devotion to a religious faith; (3) an organized system of faith and worship; (4) a […]

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What is Spirituality

December 7, 2009

Many times spirituality and religion are thought to be the same thing.  Yet, they are very different.  Religion is a belief system, while spirituality is a personal experience.  Spirituality is about discovering, deep within ourselves, the spirit (love and intelligence) that is the life force within all of us. We can subscribe to certain beliefs […]

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Spirituality: The Source of Life

August 3, 2009

We are hearing more and more today about spirituality.  There are organizations promoting spirituality in the work place.  People talk about being on a spiritual path.  What does it all mean? In the past the term spirituality related to religion, but now more and more people are beginning to know spirituality as something very different […]

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