Change Your Life – Manifest Your Dreams

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on July 30, 2012

I just received a phone call this morning from one of the people who attended our May/July Stress Release and Personal Growth in-residence course.  It was so rewarding to hear her report and it was just the kind of thing that I expected.

The course provides two four day sessions where the participants have 8 days and nights to totally withdraw from the outside world, completely relax and go within.  This process allows them to release a great deal of built-up stress and strengthen their nervous systems thereby enhancing their ability to manifest dreams.

In the sessions they get very clear about what they want to manifest in all areas of their lives, including health, environment, work, money and relationships.  They learn how to work with the laws of nature or principles of life for creating whatever they chose.  Once this happens they get the full support of nature.  Things simply start happening to help them move toward their choices.

The participant that I talked with this morning wants to phase out of her present career and start her own business, but in the past she has been so busy with her present work that she had no time for developing her new business.  When she returned to work after the course her boss asked if she would like to work 3 days rather than 5 days a week.  She is thrilled.

In addition she met a new person that has a background in graphic design who offered to help her with design for her new company.  Also, at the course she met a video specialist who offered to help her with the videos.

She also had another experience that is moving her closer to creating the kind of intimate relationship that she desires.

Others from the course are also having similar experiences.  This is just an example of some of the ways that nature supports our dreams once we get clear and strong enough to work in harmony with the laws of nature to bring them into fruition.

Many years ago I discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening our nervous systems.  Through the use of this process I was able to move into a whole new level of functioning where I could clearly see and understand how we all are creating our own experiences.

I founded Unlimited Futures to help others make their own discoveries and understand how they can also fulfill their dreams.  It is a process that works, and has helped thousands of people create the lives they want for themselves.  You too can change your life and manifest your dreams.

I clearly explain the process in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. 

I have also created a Companion Workbook, a demonstration of the exercises on a DVD and a CD with 10 different relaxation/visualizations to help you get started working with this process.  In addition we have our Core Course on DVDs so you can experience this course right in the comfort of your own home.  You may download an introductory session of this course by simply clicking in the box on the side of any page on our web site requesting it, for free.

Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide courses that you can attend such as the one I have just described, to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.











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