Change Your Life, Part 3 of a 7 part series

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on May 14, 2012

This week we move to the third step in the creative process for changing your life which is Acceptance.  Just to recap what we have done so far, first you read the Understanding Stress e book, then you listened to the 7 Steps Interview.

The next week you started getting clear about the one thing that you are choosing to create for yourself now.  We spent the week with the Clarity Step, getting as clear as you could about exactly what you are choosing to create.  Then last week I asked you to create three pictures in your mind that showed your choice a reality in your life.  That was the second step Visualization.

And the idea from the beginning is to write everything down and read it and/or visualize it every morning when you first wake up and then again in the evening right before going to sleep.

If you missed any of this just click on the earlier blogs explaining each in detail.

Now it is time to be sure you can accept this choice into your life.  You would think that would be the easiest step because who wouldn’t accept what they want?  Unfortunately, it is the most challenging for most people, because this is where all of our limiting beliefs come in.  We are not even aware of many of these beliefs because they have been programmed into our sub-conscious by people around us or the media and many times we have not made a conscious choice to accept them, but they are still there running our lives.

Actually we can have anything that we can accept, but most of us have lots of beliefs that block our ability to accept what we want in our lives.  That is why I said in the beginning of our experiment that it would be good if you chose something that you believed you could achieve within the next 6 months.

Beliefs are only information that we have accepted as true.  We actually make them up or accept them without much thought.  They are usually what the other people around us believe, but that does not make them true.  We can actually reject these limiting beliefs and create new ones that are more helpful in creating what we want.  However, this usually takes some time.

In order to change a belief we must first become conscious of the belief and make a conscious choice to change it.  So, what we need to do in this third step is bring to the conscious level any limiting beliefs that you may have.

Do you believe this process will work for you?  Do you believe that you can actually create whatever what you are choosing to create in the next 6 months?  Do you deserve it?  Will the manifestation of this choice create a problem?  Do you see anything that could be an insurmountable problem that you must face in order to create this choice?

After reading your choice morning and evening, ask yourself if you have any beliefs that are not in harmony with the creation this vision.  As any limiting beliefs come to mind write them down then consciously change them and write down the new belief that you want to replace it with.

If you are working with the UF stress relief process daily you are becoming more and more capable of becoming conscious of your limiting beliefs and more capable of understanding how they need to be changed.

Be sure to work with this step daily for the next week, then I will send you more information about how to work with the 4th step.

When you are totally successful with the acceptance step it is a done deal.  You know without a shadow of a doubt that your vision is taking form. However, we still need to work through the remaining steps.  So, until next week enjoy this wonderful process for changing your life.





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