Changing Your Life – Part 4

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on May 21, 2012

We are now up to the forth step in the creative process for changing your life.

Just to recap what we have done so far, you started by reading my complimentary e book Understanding Stress, so you can clearly see how stress affects your health, your abilities, your work, your relationships and all areas of your life.

Then it was time to take a look at what is possible for us all if we chose to work with the UF process to release the stress.  Once the stress is released the entire mind/body system starts strengthening itself which automatically develops abilities that lie dormant within all of us until activated.  These are what we are now calling right brain abilities, like creativity, intuition, etc.

Developing these abilities makes it possible for you to take charge of your life and start creating it the way you want it to be rather than just reacting to whatever happens.

So you can understand how that works I gave you a link where you could download your complimentary copy of an interview I did about the 7 Steps in the Creative Process. And each week we have been working through one of these steps to create something that you want to create in your life now.

The first step is Clarity, so you got as clear as you could about the one thing that you wanted to create for yourself, wrote it down, put it on your night stand, so you could read it the first thing when you wake up in the morning and the last thing before you go to sleep at night.

I explained the second step of Visualization, so you begin day dreaming and wrote down three pictures you will see when your choice is manifested.  You wrote them on the sheet with your description of what you are creating, so you can visualize them after you read the description of what you are creating both morning and evening.

The third step which I sent you last week was Acceptance.  This is where all of your doubts, fears and limited beliefs surface.  We can have anything that we can accept, but until we can fully believe that we are creating it, the energy necessary to create it can’t get through.  Remember it is our thoughts and beliefs that moves and forms the energy that makes up our experiences.

I know you have been working on the Acceptance step all week.  How is it going?  Are you convinced that you are indeed creating what you have written down and it will manifest in your life within the 6 months time frame we set for it?

As I said before, this is the most difficult step for most of us, because we have so much programming about how things work that has been programmed into our thinking from people who didn’t understand how things really work.

We are simply working with laws of nature that governs how we create our experiences.  So keep working with this step every day.  Remember all you have to do is convince yourself that it is indeed in the works and will appear in your life very soon.

The forth step “Focus” means just that.  We must keep our attention focused on continuing to work with the process daily as described before.  It is easy to forget or feel rushed and let it slip, but the results are well worth the time and attention you focus on this project.

Remember, twice a day reinforce the Clarity of what you want.  Visualize it.  See 3 pictures that you will see when it is manifest.  Spend some time checking your beliefs about it.  Just because you want to believe it, it doesn’t mean that you do.  Keep working on convincing yourself because this is the make or break point.

The longer you work with the breathing exercises, stretching exercises, meditation and focusing techniques the easier it gets to see how it all works and see beyond the appearances that blocks your ability to know how it works.

Next week we will work with the sixth step.  In the meantime keep up the good work.

Also thanks so much to everyone who has shared the link for your friends and associates to get the stress e book.  Again the link to share where anyone can download the stress e book free is

Also is you want to share the 7 steps interview the link to download that for free is

We really appreciate your sharing this information to help us create our vision of one thousand new people joining the Unlimited Futures community each month.

The entire process is described in detail in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. 


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