Changing Your Life: Part 6 of a 7 part series

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on June 4, 2012

It is time now to move into the sixth step in the creative process for changing your life.

Just to recap where we are, you started by reading the Understanding Stress e book, then you listened to the 7 steps interview and I have been giving you more info on how to work with each step to create one thing that you want to create.

We started with you writing down one thing that you wanted to create for yourself and placing it on your night stand to read the first thing every morning and the last thing before going to sleep every evening.  We create with our intention and focusing of our attention on whatever we chose to create.

After you worked with the first step of Clarity and got a clear as you could about what you wanted to create, we moved to the second step Visualization.  You created 3 pictures you will see when your creation is manifest and visualized them every morning and evening also.

Then the most challenging step Acceptance.  This is where you worked through any beliefs that you had that could interfere with allowing the energy necessary to manifest your vision to be attracted to you.  You convinced yourself that you are creating your choice and expect it to appear any time.

The forth step is Focus and you kept focusing your attention on this project every morning and evening.  The fifth step is Intuition.  You became very quiet and still and asked for guidance.

That brings us to the Action step.  To receive the support of nature we must be willing to do our part.  What is done for us has to be done through us.  So, to begin the action step we should start with a plan of action.  Again ask yourself what you can do to help this choice manifest in your life.  Write down whatever comes to you and plan to follow through with the action that will bring your choice into manifestation.

We all know about action, but if we have worked through the first five steps and our nervous systems are strong enough the action step is much clearer and easier.  If you have released enough stress to be able to receive intuitive guidance you will know what to do and how to do it.  Then just do it!

Enjoy the action step and we will talk about the last step in the creative process next week.

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