by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 1, 2009

We often hear people say “I didn’t have a choice”.  Actually we always have choices, and we are all making choices all of the time.  When we say we don’t have a choice, what we mean is that we cannot see any possibility for getting what we want.  The big concern is whether we are making good choices (the kind that creates what we want) or bad choices (choices that do not bring about the desired results.

Our ability to make good choices depends on our ability to see possibilities.  When we are over stressed it affects our perception and we become less capable of seeing possibilities or making good choices.  Once we get some rest things clear up a bit.  However, most people in the world today are over stressed, and it takes more than a good night’s sleep to release enough stress to be able to make better choices.

We, at Unlimited Futures, have discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening our nervous systems (where the stress gets stored), which allows us to move into a much more advanced level of functioning.  We work with a process of breathing exercises, stretching exercises, meditation and focusing techniques that brings us to a state of peace and tranquility, and allows us to go within to discover tremendous possibilities that we did not know existed.

As we release the stress built up in the nervous system, and are capable of seeing more possibilities, we automatically start to make better choices.

Another fact that is important to know is one of the principles of life that we work with in our courses, which is that “We all make our own choices.”  Other people cannot make choices for us unless we agree to it.  In the long run we get to chose, and it is important to be able to make the best choices possible for creating what you want in your life.  It is the result of the choices we make that creates whatever we experience in our lives.

In my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, I explain choices in detail and give you step-by-step guidelines for what you need to do to be able to make the best choices possible for yourself.

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