by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on January 21, 2013

It is a New Year and time to think about the possibility of a new life.  We are all pretty much aware of the fact that we, as a society or world, are in the process of moving into a more evolved state.  This evolution means that we are becoming more aware of possibilities that we were unaware of before.

So, I want to talk about different levels of consciousness.  That is what evolution is all about, the expansion of our consciousness.  As we grow we become more and more aware of realities beyond what we have known in the past.

We are reading Deepak Chopra’s book entitled Life After Death. As we are reading this it occurred to me that he describes levels of consciousness that we experience when we start working with the Unlimited Futures process.

 In this book he explains that we do not have to die to experience higher levels of consciousness, which I have known for many years.  Chopra explains that as we grow we move from one level of consciousness to another.  He says that we have powers that allow us to explore each of these levels of consciousness.

The level that we all experience, and where many people live their whole lives, is what he calls Consciousness of Physical Objects.  This is a world of concrete things that we verify through our five senses.  It obeys linear time.  We appear to ourselves as physical bodies separated in time and space.  A life span occupies a limited number of years between two absolute events, birth and death.

In this level of consciousness the powers we have to navigate it with are physical strength, will-power, reason, emotional expression, sexuality and personal authority and if we use these powers fully we become more and more successful in life on this level of consciousness.

However, as you start working with the Unlimited Futures process you begin to grow and experience another level of consciousness, which he calls consciousness of subtle objects. I would call it a more subtle reality or awakening to a higher level of consciousness.  We become aware that there is more to life than what we have experienced in the past, and that we can move beyond the limits of what we have known in the past and discover a whole new world where things work differently.

The powers that you develop to explore this world include imagination, memory, artistic abilities, spiritual sensitivity, healing abilities and intuition.  Intuition allows one to see and understand wholeness or see the big picture, whereas in our former level of consciousness we were confined to only intellectual knowledge, which is limited to seeing only part of the overall picture. On that level we can only have a limited understanding of how life works.

On this higher level of consciousness we become aware of laws of nature that govern all of existence.  These laws of nature always govern all of existence, but we were simply unaware of them before.

As we continue to work with the Unlimited Futures process and continue to grow we move into an even higher level of consciousness which Chopra calls Pure Consciousness. He says this is a world where awareness is aware of itself.  On this level of consciousness we become aware that we are at one with all of existence.

On this level we become aware that the laws of this world apply to creation itself – all of it.  This is a level of all possibilities.  The seeds of every object and event gestate here.  The possibility of time, space, and physical things all exist here.  There is also the possibility of mind, as yet without thought or images.  Although totally free of anything visible, pure consciousness is eager to give birth; mystics tell us it is pregnant with All That Is.

On this level of consciousness we need no powers to navigate it.  We know ourselves as one with it.  Events come and go within our own being.  We witness them without attachment, although if we wish, we can call upon any quality like love, strength or truth—and experience it in fullness.

In this level of consciousness we know ourselves as whole, complete and perfect – at one with all of existence.  Life is lived simply for the joy of living it.  We know all of our dreams and desires are fulfilled right within ourselves.

The reason we are experiencing life here on earth, and the greatest joy of life here, is growing and experiencing higher and higher levels of consciousness.

I have explained the process for personal growth and evolution in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

Here I have described this process in detail and provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines.  In addition I have created a CD, DVD, Companion Workbook and our Core Course on DVDs to give you the perfect way to start your personal growth and expansion on consciousness journey.

Once you start experiencing this natural growth process, we also provide courses that you can attend to accelerate this wonderful evolutionary process.

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