Continued Growth Phase II

Unlimited Futures Continued Growth Phase II Course is designed to give you the opportunity to return for another week of deep rest, stress release and exploring your own inner world.

In addition, in this course, we create a life style that continues to support optimal health in all areas of our lives.  We discover how food and exercise affects the energy of the entire mind/body system.

We also get a much deeper understanding of how creation is created from the perspective of Quantum Physics.

This week long course gives you the opportunity to release more stress and refine the entire mind/body system so it becomes more capable of merging with Universal Intelligence and receiving guidance for fulfilling your purpose and creating the life you want for yourself.

We again take care of all external needs and provide you with the time and environment for exploring your inner world where all the power lies for creating whatever you chose.

We live most of our lives in the external world where we have little or no power.  As we discovered in the first phase of the Continued Growth Course, the outer world is a hologram.  It just mirrors back to us whatever our inner world is projecting.  If we want to make any changes in our lives we have to do so where all of our power lies deep within ourselves.  We must find what we want within ourselves before it can be reflected in our outer world.

It is our thoughts, beliefs and level of consciousness that the outer world plays back to us.  This course provides you with the opportunity to release more stress, continue to refine the mind/body system and move into a higher level of consciousness.  This also creates a higher and more clearly directed level of functioning when you return to the outer world.

As we discover who we really are deep within ourselves we discover we have the power to make any changes we desire to create whatever we want to experience in our lives.

In order to live the most fulfilling life possible it is crucial to take at least one week a year away from focusing your attention outward and move inward to revitalize and make adjustments from the only place where you have the power to do so.

This course gives you the opportunity to work with the inner self and also increases your intellectual understanding.

The format for this course is the same as that of the first phase of the In-Residence Continued Growth Course.  It begins on Sunday evening and is finished the next Friday at noon.

Our Annual Continued Growth Phase II Course is scheduled for

June 14 – 19, 2015

Price  $2995.

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