What’s Holding You Back…

From Creating The Life You’ve Always Dreamed of?

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

A lot of people in life need a wake up call before making positive changes to their lives that usually they have been putting off for what seems like forever.

Whether it’s related to being told they have a life threatening illness, being fired from a job that they never liked, being ditched by a partner after years of a so so relationship, a business failure…any number of circumstance that forces change on them.

Up until this point in life it’s been easier to put off making changes, staying in their “comfort zone” which for many people is uncomfortable, and living a non-fulfilled life watching life pass them by as a spectator…until they get that wake up call, which hopefully won’t be too late but…inevitably for some it will be.

  • If you’ve ever struggled with self doubt over the right steps to take in your life
  • If you’ve ever felt helpless watching others succeed while you stumble from one problem in life to another
  • If you’ve had success in one area of your life but you feel other areas of your life need some help
  • If you’ve ever sat up late at night and asked your self, “what the hell’s wrong with me?”

Then we urge you to keep reading

Don’t be one of these people who let life slip by…your life has been given to you to enjoy, to have everything you’ve ever dreamed of, to go wherever you want to go, to spend time with friends whose company excites you, and to fall in love with someone who loves you and can’t think of spending their life with anyone other than YOU!

Sound far fetched…not at all…provided you have a road map or a blueprint to follow for your success…all you have to do is show up each day and follow the map.

We’re going to immediately show you how to…

•               Create perfect health…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

•               Cultivate happy and harmonious relationships…especially with your loved ones and other important people in your life

•               Relax and remove the stress from your life

•               Develop your mind to be clear and sharp leading you to make the right decisions…never second guessing yourself again

•               Build a never-ceasing flow of energy and vitality…

•               Have peace of mind

•               Banish worry and anxiety; the pain it inflicts on you and the energy it drains from you

•               Develop courage and confidence to tackle any problems that arise or any you’ve been avoiding

•               Create a career that’s interesting and fulfilling allowing you to use your innermost talents

•               Obtain financial freedom and have all the material things in life you’ve dreamed of

And much, MUCH more…

YES…you really can have it all

However, your life can only be as successful as you design it to be.

But that’s easier said than done..that’s where we come in; you need someone to help and guide you.

We’re going to pull back the curtain of your life helping you to understand your life so far…in essence, your life is a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and choices.

Next, we’re going to give you everything you need to create your life exactly the way you want it…new ways to think, replace non-supportive beliefs with supportive beliefs and give you a blueprint for making better choices.

How do we do this?

Dean and I have put together our most powerful program ever to help people to make positive changes in their lives with an unmatched offer to go with it. Over the last 25 years we have helped thousands of people from all walks of life and now we’re bringing the best of the last 25 years directly to you.

Our new Core Course includes the following:

  • 14 hours of captivating video on DVD recorded from one of our Personal Growth in-person programs
  • All the written materials you’ll need to complete the course, bound in a beautiful three ring binder
  • A Companion Workbook for you to chart your progress and allow you to brainstorm your new life
  • An Energizer DVD that will guide you through the daily exercise routine to totally relax your body and quiet your mind.
  • A Visualization CD that you can listen to that will help you relax into a blissful, happy state.
  • Our famous “Seven Steps to The Creative Process.” This is the time proven method to create whatever, yes we mean whatever, you want to create
  • Weekly conference calls; once a week you will have access to us to have your questions answered. We’ll discuss what you should be doing for the upcoming week and review what you did the previous week. These calls should be a great help to you.

In other words, you will have every tool you need to start shaping your new life and creating the new, more successful YOU.

Read what Mary Corton had to say:

“I bought the first edition of her book.  A couple of years later the second editions of the Unlimited Futures book came out and I started practicing the energizers and meditation techniques on a daily basis.

Then they came out with the Core Course and I kept wanting to buy it, but I promised myself I wouldn’t spend money on another self-help program unless something was different about the learning process (I have a bookshelf filled with self-help programs).

Bobbie and Dean came up with the perfect solution and offered 7 weekly phone conferences to supplement the core course.  I was in!  

It was so helpful to have access to Bobbie and Dean and the others who were going through some of the same things in the core course.

I started doing the energizers and mediation twice a day and my friends commented on how calm I was (I’m normally stressed and somewhat high strung, if not overly enthusiastic).

I felt more relaxed at work and more focused about how I wanted to spend the hours in my day.

I am so grateful for the weekly conference calls that came with the core course – it really made me accountable and more eager to stick with the program.

I look forward to attending one of the seminars in person someday soon.”

Mary Alice Corton

Click on the Add to Cart button below to grab your copy and save $400.00.


Price: $897.00, add $10 S&H

Sale Price: $497, add $10 S&H

Pay now in three monthly Installments

Sale Price: 3 payments of $170, add $10 S&H

We have included a wonderful bonus for you that will accelerate your progress; more about this later!

This course will challenge you.

It will show you things most people would rather not acknowledge about themselves. So if the thought of facing reality bothers you, you may want to pass on this offer.

But… if you’re up to that challenge, I promise it will give you greater clarity and focus in every aspect of your life.

It will eliminate your personal constraints, and empower you to achieve massive success.

It’s gotten rave reviews from those who have already experienced it.

Here are just a few of the messages I’ve received…

“The Unlimited Futures course is life-changing. No longer do you react to life, you take charge of creating your ideal life with powerful new insights and tools to do so! There is an immense awakening regarding who you are, how you function and why you are here. Everything in your experience is wonderfully transformed, enhanced and changed on every level through this expanded awareness. This knowledge and these skills absolutely bring my life greater peace, joy and meaning as it continues to unfold perfectly according to my vision. I am so very, very grateful for this exquisite experience.” Cheryl O’Shaughnessy (Venice, FL)


“The opportunity to join this ‘creative process course’ came at a time of unprecedented stress in my life.  It provided me support equal to the stress by means of new knowledge, practical methods and a framework for what I knew already and what I will come to know. In the end I learned how to create the life I want. As a physician, trained in the sciences, the connection to quantum physics was most helpful. With the five basic choices I now move through life with much greater awareness and intentionality than before. I am a helper who is now more adept at giving help and receiving help.” Milton H. Seifert Jr., M.D., (Excelsior, MN)

“My participation in the Unlimited Futures core course has helped me to make some very important changes in my life externally, and more importantly to me, internally. The simple fact that I actually know what my ambitions and desires are automatically brings some stability and contentment to my life. But watching those desires become fulfilled is an inspiring experience, and I have just scratched the surface.” Michael Johnson (Nashville, TN

It will be the greatest investment you could ever make in yourself, giving you greater confidence to make decisions and choices in your life that will lead to greater fulfillment.

You will conquer any challenge and finally be able to pursue your passion.

You’ll see it’s not just another “self improvement” course and it’s definitely not a “done-for-you” magic pill.

Now let me ask you…

Are you ready to take action?

We’re giving you the road map but are you going to follow it?

Are you going to take action, or are you going to continue to claim “poor me” and continue to be a victim of circumstance and be pushed around by the next thing that crops up in your life?

This really is a wonderful opportunity for you…after seven weeks of working with the Core Course you will have established the foundation for change in your life and the tools to prevent you from slipping back into your old ways.

Follow this up by attending one of our Personal Growth in-residence programs and you’ll catapult yourself to even greater success. As part of this special offer, Dean and I are giving you a 30% reduction off the price of our Personal Growth and Development in residence Program scheduled to take place in October 2011.

You’ll join us for two long weekends (4 days and 4 nights) at an elegant, serene resort in Southwest Florida to experience a unique opportunity for your own personal growth and development. In two long weekends we can help you lay the foundation for discovering an unlimited future for your own life. What is possible for you is likely far beyond anything you have yet imagined. We will help you learn how to imagine it and manifest it in your life.

After working with the Core Course and attending our event in October, you will be well on your way to creating the life you want and will never, never look back!

Take a deep breath, relax, close your eyes, take a few moments and picture what your new life would look like.

Here are some more messages from Core Course graduates:

“I have had two severe heart attacks – the last one was two months before I was introduced to the Unlimited Futures course. Without this course I would probably not be alive today. I have gained more and more, better and better health, ever since I began my first program with Unlimited Futures fifteen years ago. My focus was on my health and it has improved beyond my ability to imagine before this course. I now focus on whatever I want, and I easily see golden opportunities.” Robert M. Cargill (Daytona Beach, FL)

“The Unlimited Futures course is extraordinary. It has brought me to a new level of goal achievement, enjoyment of life, focus on purpose, and abundance in all ways. Through living the seven steps in the creative process I am well on my way to creating a life of choice rather than chance.” Tara Tuck (Orlando, FL)


“Once the stress was released by doing the exercises in the course, many, many exciting events happened. Life turned joyful, my vision of the future became very clear. Learning that what is going to happen will come totally from inside me is a wonderful life learning experience.” Mike Ketcham (Minneapolis, MN)

“WOW! What a life changer The Core Course has been for me. It has brought a better and working understanding of the many self-help books I have read. I understood the ideas, but taking The Core Course has enabled me to implement the ideas in a practical way with tangible results. It is difficult for me to imagine anyone taking this course seriously and not coming away a changed person. Thank you for making such an enriching experience available. In gratitude.” Landon Kite, (Naples, FL)


“Our beliefs, accumulated over a lifetime, often get in the way of our possibilities. Bobbie and the Unlimited Futures course has helped me, my wife, my employees and many others to release the power that we all have within us to give to the world, to our loved ones and, to ourselves.” John Christensen (Burnsville, MN)


No matter what people tell you, success doesn’t come easy…if it did, you’d be in a much better position today as would thousands of others.

There are hundred of books and other courses offering “quick fixes…but do you really believe them? Do you think it’s that easy?

Don’t fall for the “quick fix”…it ain’t going to happen…deep down, you know it.

Don’t fall for the next self help book..another “Secret”…come on, really, how many of people have benefited from that book compared to the millions of copies it’s sold?

How about dieting…take this as example. Over the years there has been fad after fad after fad…the Atkins Diet, The South Beach Diet, the Patch and more recently the Lap Band…do they work permanently…history says NO.


Because besides following a diet, you have to mentally reset your brain to see yourself thin. For example, if your brain is used to you being 30 lbs over weight for the last 10 years it believes that that’s your weight and will give your subconscious mind instructions to keep you at that weight.

That’s why most people can only diet for a short period of time during which they lose weight…they struggle consciously using willpower to fight their brain and keep their focus on losing weight usually a given number of pounds. Once they reach their targeted weight, they start to relax and stop consciously thinking about it as much.

Their brain immediately changes their behavior to put the 30 lbs back on again.

In other words, you’re fighting a losing battle unless you “rewire” your brain.

Dean and I will show you how to permanently rewire your brain and make changes “stick.”

Whether it’s weight loss, quit smoking, make more money, find a new partner, find a new job..whatever it is…we can help. We’ve proven it so many times.

And don’t sit there thinking this won’t work for me…IT WILL!

It works for everyone…regardless of age, sex, background, knowledge, religion, financial situation or anything else you care to mention.

Without making change permanent, you’ll have some degree of success…maybe even years…but sooner or later your brain will get the better of you and sabotage your success.

Think about it…we hear many cases where this happens to people:

  • Athletes that turn pro, have a successful career with financial success, only to fall back to the ‘hood where they were brought up with their life in ruins; some even end up doing jail time
  • People who win the lottery only to lose all the money they won and fall back to being penniless like they were before they had the winning ticket
  • Actors or actresses who can’t face their own success and end up taking their own life through a drug overdose.

I know it sounds sick, but it’s true; if your brain cannot see you in your new life, you’re unlikely to stay there for long.

If you can’t reset or rewire your brain to accept your new beliefs and replace your old non-supportive beliefs that lead to your new behavior…you’re doomed, stuck in the mud, or stuck in a rut.

It’s time to get out of your rut!

Make a decision today that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Walk into your bathroom now, look yourself right in the eye and say out loud…

“ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I [your name], hereby commit to making positive changes in my life and create the life I’ve always dreamed of. My life is important to me; it’s the only one I’ll ever have and I am determined to enjoy it to the fullest extent. Starting right now, I’m going to work with Bobbie and Dean and use their Core Course to help me. I promise to follow through with all the daily exercises Bobbie and Dean recommend and look forward immensely to my new life.”

If you said that with conviction you’ll have felt the emotion of joy and relief throughout your body as you think about what this will mean to you.

Did you do it?

If you did…GREAT…welcome aboard.

If you didn’t…shame on you…what excuse did you come up with this time? When are you going to get your wake up call?

Ask yourself if you are a chicken or pig. Remember the fable about egg and bacon for breakfast? The chicken’s involved, but the pig’s committed.

Are you committed to your life or just involved or worse still not bothered?

That’s it..there’s nothing more we can say. For those of you that join us on your exciting journey we can’t wait to help in anyway we can.

For those of you that don’t join us, and prefer to sit around hoping things will change…good luck! How’s that plan working for you so far?

Are you following the definition of insanity…doing the same thing today, this month, this year as you did yesterday, the previous month or the previous year and expecting a different result?

The Core Course is by far the most comprehensive and effective course you will find ANYWHERE. It is the ONLY course we’re aware of that develops right-brain abilities providing a step-by-step road map to a permanent and advanced way of functioning.

The regular price of the Core Course is $897.00, but Dean and I are offering it to you today for only $497.00, a saving of $400.00. We want to do as much as we can to help you make the changes in your life you’re looking for. This is a small price to pay for permanent change in your life.

You get The Core Course written materials, 14 DVDs recorded from one of our Core Course live events, the Visualization CD, the Energizer DVD, the Companion Workbook and weekly attendance on a conference call – all this for just $497

AND, we’re delighted to announce the special bonus that we mentioned to you earlier, 30% off a Personal Growth Program Retreat…that’s a $895.00 saving!

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Price: $897.00, add $10 S&H

Sale Price: $497, add $10 S&H

Pay now in three monthly Installments

Sale Price: 3 payments of $170, add $10 S&H

Yes, this is a bargain any way you look at it!

Don’t wait a minute to order at this low price! The regular price of The Core Course will be going back up to $897 after this promotion is over. 
People pay $1,250 for attending one of our Core Course live events; with the videos we’ve recorded and made available to you on DVD it will be just like attending a live event but you’ll be saving $750!

Dean and I want you to be 100% satisfied with the Core Course. And to be honest, we don’t want to keep your money if you aren’t 100% satisfied.

Work with the Core Course for 30 days. Join us on the weekly conference calls. Get your questions answered, use the tools and resources, for an entire month.


If you’re not convinced that that the Core Course is helping you to make the changes you’re looking for…simply call us and we’ll rush you a complete refund.

Obviously, that guarantee is beyond fair.

So here’s the real question:

It all comes down to whether you want it bad enough…

Don’t kid yourself…saying “I’ll think about it” or “Maybe later” are just different ways of saying “No.”

Now we’ve done everything in our power to make your purchase of the Core Course a “no-lose” proposition.

Don’t miss out on this chance to finally get everything you need for total personal success.

One final thought from Dawn Hughes:

“5 years ago, I purchased the Unlimited Futures book; and began doing the program on a daily basis.

Within a year, some of my long time dreams began appearing. (A big one was a new home in a beautiful country setting).

After doing the process once a day for 5 years, I purchased the Core Course.  I began doing the course on my own, but it really came together 4 weeks later when we started the regular conference calls with Bobbie, Dean and the whole group.

I’m doing the program 2 times a day now, easily I might add.  Many of the principles are taking hold at a deep level, my beliefs are changing, and life is better and better.”

Dawn Hughes

Click the button below to grab your copy of the Core Course and start building the life you’ve always dreamed of right away…


Bobbie and Dean

P.S. Remember your success in life starts with YOU! It doesn’t come in a box. You can’t buy it at an online store. Arm your self with the Core Course and you’ll have the ultimate edge in everything you do.

P.P.S. There’s only so many people we can take through this program so grab your spot now before they’re all gone.

P.P.P.S. You’re not risking a penny. We want you to prove to yourself how valuable these tools and resources are. If you aren’t 100% convinced the Core Course is everything we’ve described, if you’re not convinced beyond a doubt that the Core Course will launch you on the path to the success and happiness you’ve wanted for so long, simply contact us within the first 30 days and cancel. You’ll get full and cheerful refund of the price you paid for the Core Course.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Purchase the Core Course today and get started with your new life!

Click on the Add to Cart button below to grab your copy and save $400.00.


Price: $897.00, add $10 S&H

Sale Price: $497, add $10 S&H

Pay now in three monthly Installments

Sale Price: 3 payments of $170, add $10 S&H