How to Create a Job

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on November 8, 2010

Part 2

If you have not already done so, please read my last week’s blog which is part 1 of a 3 part series on how to create a job, before reading this one.

In order to create anything, including a job, we need to understand some basic laws of nature or principles of life that governs how we actually create our own experiences.  Then we will see that not only can we create a job, but the same process works to create anything we want.

In the past we have believed that we were all separate entities.  The fact is that we are all connected and what affects any of us affects all of us to some extent.  What we see around us in the world today, including many people being unemployed, is the result of “world consciousness”.  This is a combination of the thoughts and beliefs of everyone.  We are all affected by world consciousness to some extent, but we can raise our own consciousness and in the process make a positive contribution to world consciousness.

We raise our individual consciousness or level of awareness by working with the process that I describe in detail in my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. Working with the stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing techniques twice a day every day, releases the stress that blocks your ability to clearly understand who you are and the power you have within yourself to create whatever you choose.  It also refines the energy in the mind/body system which allows your individual consciousness to merge with universal consciousness (all knowledge).  Doing this twice a day every day will develop your right brain abilities, giving you the ability to intuitively know and understand the laws of nature and how to work with them to create whatever you want.

There are two things that we have to consider in creating a job or anything else, and that is first our ability to create, and second working with the creative process.  Our ability to create is determined by the clarity and strength of our thoughts, and every time we do the stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing techniques we increase the strength and clarity of our thoughts, and our ability to create whatever we choose.  That is why we recommend that you do this process twice a day every day.

Next we work through what I call the creative process.  There are seven steps in the creative process.  Step # 1 – Clarity – You want to get as clear as possible about what you want to create.  This is what I asked you to start last week.  I asked you to start thinking about what you would like to do if you could create the ideal job for yourself.  This focusing technique requires that you spend some time with it every day.  Each time, let yourself dream about what you want to create. You should get clearer about what it is, and you will be able to fill in more and more details.  Ask yourself questions like;

Where will this job be located?

What will the surroundings be like?

How much time will you spend at it?

What is special about it for you?

What will you be doing?

How will you get paid, and how much will you get paid?

What benefits will you be bringing to the organization or the world in general?

Remember you are creating this job, so be sure to create it just the way you want it to be.  You want to know as much as possible about this ideal job, but whatever you put on your list needs to be important to you.  Visions are essential for attracting the energy necessary to fulfill them.  They also create boundaries.  So don’t block out possibilities by being too specific in terms of things that are not important to you.  The question you are answering here is “what you want”.  Don’t give any thought to how it will come about.  Universal intelligence knows how to work out the details.

Step # 2 – is Visualization.  Again it is time to use your imagination.  See yourself in your new job, see the surroundings, the people you will be working with, enjoy doing all the fine work you will be doing.  Feel grateful for this opportunity to make a contribution.  Again you need to work with this focusing technique every day. Let your imagination run free, and write down all the things that come to you.

Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.  I am sure you have spent many years in gaining knowledge, so now is the time to develop your imagination.

Next week we will discuss the remaining 5 steps in the creative process and how to work with them in creating your ideal job.

I have described this process in detail and provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines in my book.  I have also created a Companion Workbook, A DVD demonstrating the breathing and stretching exercises to help you get started.  We also now have our Personal Growth and Development Core Course on DVDs, and you can download a free” introductory session of this course.  It will give you a much deeper understanding of how this process works.  If you have not already done so, please do that before leaving the site.

Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide in-residence courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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