How to Create a Job – Part 4

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on November 22, 2010

Please read parts 1 – 3 on how to create a job before reading this if you have not already done so.

If you have been following this series on how to create a job, you are working with the UF process of stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing techniques on a twice day basis, and you are getting stronger and clearer every day.

By now you should be pretty clear about the job or business that you would like to create.  You have answered the questions in part 2 to help you get clear about how to visualize yourself in your new job and you have been doing that on a regular basis.

In part 3 we talked about the laws of nature that governs how we create our experiences and the third step in the creative process, which is Acceptance.  For the last week you have been trying to become conscious about the beliefs that you have that could be getting in the way of creating the job or business that you want.  Continue to work on that.  For most of us that is a life time process, but we make progress and become more capable of changing the beliefs that do not benefit us, every time we do the UF process.

The next step in the creative process is Focus.  We simply have to keep our attention focused on what we are creating.  Disregard anything that seems to be negative or interfering with your vision of your perfect job.  Be open to receiving.  Be alert to anything that could lead you to meet new people or experience anything that could familiarize you more with what you will be doing in your new job.  It is best not to even listen to negative news, and if you accidentally hear some do not relate to it.  It doesn’t matter what is happening for others, you only need one job and you are attracting all the energy necessary to bring that job into your experience now.

The fifth step in the creative process is Intuition.  Again, every time you do the UF process you are increasing your ability to receive knowledge intuitively.  After each of your meditations sit quietly for a minute, then ask what you need to do to help bring this new job into your experience.  Just write down whatever comes to you, even if it doesn’t make sense.  Ask the same question after your next meditation and write down whatever comes to you.  Look at all of your answers each time, sometimes we just get a little bit at a time.  Also, be open and receptive to receiving whatever you need to know at any time.

The sixth step in the creative process is Action.  If you get some intuitive guidance be sure to follow through with the required action.  Much of the creative process is unseen, but you have to be willing to do your part.  Keep looking for and expecting to find your ideal job.  Sometimes a less than ideal job becomes available.  In this case, it could be just a step in the process of moving toward the job you are creating.  Always be open and receptive, and know that you are being lead in the right direction even though you may not be able to see it clearly at the time.

The seventh step in the creative process is Manifestation.  Graciously and fully accept your new creation, and be sure you are clear that you created it, so you can use the same process for creating something else that you want in your life.  Here we are talking about principles which work for creating anything.

As you continue to work with the UF process on a daily basis you are refining the energy in your mind and body, thereby enhancing your ability to intuitively know, your ability to clearly see and understand what you want and how to create it, and automatically strengthening the power of your thoughts to direct and form energy.

Please let me know what you create, and how the creative process worked for you.

In addition to my book, where I describe this process in detail and provide step-by-step guidelines for you, we have also created a Companion Workbook to help you do the exercises we recommend.  We also have the breathing and stretching exercises demonstrated on a DVD, and I have put the relaxation/visualizations on a CD to help you begin to experience the amazing possibilities that you can uncover through working with this process.

We also now have our Personal Growth and Development Core Course on DVDs so you can do the entire course in the comfort of your own home.  You may download an introductory session of this course free, so be sure to do that before leaving the site.

Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide in-residence courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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