Bobbie Stevens With Dr. Juliana Nahas

Dr Juliana Nahas participated in the Unlimited Futures Core Course and found it so helpful that she also attended the week-long  in-residence Continued Growth Course.

Due to her experience with the Unlimited Futures programs, and her background as a pediatrician and healer, she feels that this work should be brought to the attention of anyone trying to recover from a physical illness, their caregivers and anyone interested in releasing the stress that gets built up in our nervous system, knowing that stress underlies practically all  illnesses, addictions , obesity, some forms of depression, etc….

Dr Nahas experienced more joy and clarity in her life after taking these courses, as well as relief from back pain, headaches, and even noted that scars on her skin were beginning to fade away. She felt stronger, more energetic, peaceful yet focused, and was able to accomplish more with ease in each day.

Consequently, we have agreed to join together to provide the Unlimited Futures stress release programs to all  the people  Dr Nahas wants to help heal, recover and discover the amazing results of a strong healthy nervous system.

We will be setting up a new division of Unlimited Futures, which we have named Healing, Recovery and Beyond.

The best way to get people started on their road to removing stress is to experience our Core Course.

Until recently, we only offered the Core Course locally, where we would meet with a group of people, usually 10 to 12, for 3 and a half hours each week, over the course of 7 weeks. This not only limited the amount of people we could work with but we were also constrained by geography.

We recorded one of our live events, and from this, created a version of the Core Course people could experience in the comfort of their own home. A full description of the Course and the material you receive, including a full set of DVDs from the recorded event, can be found on the following link:

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For many years we have watched people heal themselves for almost any illness you can imagine, including heart problems, diabetes, cancer, etc. but we have never specifically focused on helping people heal or recover.

We have focused our attention on helping healthy people become healthier and successful people become more successful.  Since we have discovered a process that enables one to reach higher and higher levels of consciousness and functioning, we have focused on developing the potential that lies dormant within all of us until the nervous system becomes strong enough to activate it.

However, we all start from wherever we are, and when we start working with this process,  the entire mind/body system begins healing itself.  Once the entire system heals itself it begins strengthening itself and as our nervous systems get stronger we begin to discover that what is possible for us is far beyond anything most of us have ever even dreamed possible.

To help Dr Nahas offer this program in her community,  we have agreed to a significant reduction on the price of the Course. We have agreed to a 45% reduction, equivalent to a $400.00 saving off the regular price of $897. This means you can buy the Course for $497.00.

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For your convenience, you can make one payment or you can pay over three installments; either way the Course will ship out to you after your first payment.

Look it all over, and I am sure you will find that this purchase will be the best investment that you could ever make in yourself; get yourself right and everything else in life will fall into place.

I know Dr Nahas is keen on you working with the Course and I believe she has offered her support in helping you to make the changes in your life you’re looking for. She will be organizing a weekly group seminar to go through the program and support you as you apply the program into your daily life.

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If you have any question, or would like to discuss anything with me, please call or email me; you can find my contact information by clicking on the following link:

Alternatively, you can contact Juiliana by sending her an email:

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Dean and I have been running our Personal Growth courses now for over 23 years. During this time we have had thousands of people, from all walks of life, make successful changes in their lives. Through our Executive Development Program we have also helped hundreds of companies. Some notable names that come to mind are 3M, Cargill, Medtronics, Toro and Polaris.

Please feel free to explore our website.

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Once again, welcome to Unlimited Futures.

Warm regards and best wishes,


P.S. I have included two testimonials from people who were having health problems and used out Course to heal themselves.

Core Course Testimonials

By Valerie Lower

Thirty years ago, I met Bobbie and Dean. Bobbie had just created the Unlimited Futures Core Course and I was one of the first to participate. I saw what they were able to create and I was a very willing participant.

Within a couple of months, I was climbing the corporate ladder making more money than I ever had before. My health had been good, but I had more energy to take on the new jobs. I bought my first home and for a few years was very happy with what my life held. However, I did the program sporadically by that time. Whenever I was stressed or in a crisis, I would turn to the program and I would feel better and get back on track.

Over the years, I lost touch with Bobbie and a lot had happened in my life. Then, in 2003, I found I had breast cancer. I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It was grueling. My spirit was broken and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get past a depression that loomed over me like an ugly cloud of smoke. Day in and day out I prayed to have my “self” back. But I had no idea how to do that.

In September of 2005, I was diagnosed with a recurrence of the breast cancer in my lymph nodes. I had a very aggressive cancer, so the doctors felt they needed to treat it aggressively. I had surgery and 7 lymph nodes had large tumors. This time it was 16 rounds of a chemo that basically fried the nerves.

I still meditated and during one meditation, when I was at my lowest, I asked what I needed to do. And I heard, “Get in touch with Bobbie.” Huh? “Get in touch with Bobbie.” So I meditated some more and asked again. “Get in touch with Bobbie.” Okay!

At this point, my husband and I had spent a lot on medical treatments as well as acupuncture, healing touch, etc. to help me get through all of the cancer. When the market crashed in 2008, we crashed as well. We had to sell our house for much less than what we paid for it. And our money was touch and go. All of this added to what was happening to my physical and emotional bodies.

So, I called Bobbie, knowing she had moved to Naples, Florida. We had a nice talk and she told me about her Core Course on DVD. I was so excited and so grateful! It was new and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. So she sent one for my husband and one for me, and we kept in touch with her throughout.

I began feeling calmer right away. She even included guided meditations on one CD and the energizers on a DVD. It was so easy to use! And although I wasn’t in a class, I felt I was because she taught it with a class and I felt I got to know the people, as I got to know myself.

Our money situation began improving. My husband decided it was time for him to realize a dream to have his own company in Florida (we lived in Minnesota) and to move before the next winter hit (which happened to have been the worst on record.)

My blood tests and x-rays, etc. were coming back with really good numbers, as opposed to before when they were just nudging up. We kept doing the program. Once or twice I missed and felt it. It was clear to me I just needed to keep going. My energy was improving! I could barely walk 20 minutes before the program, and now I was able to do a 40 minute walk and then an hour walk. I also lost twenty pounds of the weight I had gained during chemo (they add steroids so you won’t feel as sick).

In the weeks and months that followed, we were getting ready for our move and I would not build in time to do the program. All sorts of stressful things were happening and I was getting low on energy, making unwise decisions, and not feeling well. When I talked to Bobbie about it, she would ask, “Are you doing the program?” And I had to admit that I wasn’t. So, I started again and the move went off without a hitch.

We have been in Florida for nine months now. I look and feel healthier than ever! My husband’s business is taking off and we are meeting wonderful people here!

Whenever I feel there is no time for the program, I think of what I’ll gain and what I’ll lose by my choices. Then it is a simple choice.

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Gary’s Testimonial

Back in 1992, I had a heart attack. I was able to come out of it all right, but about 20% of my heart was damaged. In 2009, I was having trouble with exhaustion and breathing. I thought it was from the stress of my job. I’m a salesman for medical microscopes, so just chalked it up to that. However, when I had some tests done on my heart, they found that there were some blockages in three of my arteries. They put stents in two of them, but one wouldn’t budge.

At this time, my wife was also going through the tail end of having had chemo for the second time. She remembered taking the Unlimited Futures Core Course with Bobbie and Dean many years ago. She had done the program off and on for years, and she knew it really worked. She also knew she needed some guidance again in doing the program. She got in touch with Bobbie and they talked for awhile. Bobbie had just put together the DVD version of the course and she told my wife about it. We both ordered a set and did the program together, checking in with Bobbie once a week on our results.

When I went back for my heart check up three months later, the doctors were sure they would be putting a pacemaker in. But when they did all the tests, they found that there was more oxygen getting into my blood, the heart was pumping better, and in general, everything had improved so much they were amazed. So, no pacemaker.

Then my wife and I decided it was time to make a change. She was doing so much better as well. I had always wanted to have my own business selling high-end microscopes down in Florida. We had vacationed in Naples for several years, so we found the exact home that we had envisioned, and made the move within months! We continue to do the program and it is changing our lives in so many ways. Thanks to Bobbie and Dean for having the foresight to create this program on DVDs! I can say it literally saved my life!

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