Finding Your Purpose

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on February 3, 2014

Have you found your purpose in life?  I firmly believe that we all have a purpose that only we can fulfill, and when we know our purpose and are living our lives on purpose we experience our greatest  fulfillment.  Our purpose doesn’t have to be spectacular it just allows us to fit perfectly into the natural flow of life.  It is someone’s purpose to do absolutely everything that needs to be done and we have talents, abilities and interest that lead us to our purpose.

Yet, few people feel that they know their purpose.  I know for many years I knew that I must have a purpose, but I had no idea of what it was.  I enjoyed what I was doing, but in the back of my mind something seemed to say that I had another purpose in life.

Finally, I took some time off work to see if I could discover my purpose.  I asked and asked, but nothing came through.  However, I did find an article in a magazine about some breathing exercises that was supposed to help one quit smoking.  So I found the author, she was a yoga teacher, and she taught me the breathing exercises along with some stretching exercises.

I later found a book on meditation and focusing techniques and put together a routine of breathing exercises, stretching exercises, meditation and focusing techniques that I started doing on a daily basis and my whole life changed.

I quit smoking, and many other things stated happening.  My energy started increasing.  I felt younger and more confident.  My mind became very clear and I begin knowing things that I didn’t have any of knowing.  I could feel the energy changing in my body.  I knew something wonderful was happening so I decided to just experience it and see what happened.

I found that after working with this process I could ask questions and I got answers which was something I had never experienced before.  Then one of the questions I asked was “Why am I here and what should I be doing with my life?”  I also asked what role we each play in creating our own experiences.

I had discovered a process that enables one to move into a whole new level of consciousness.  This new level of consciousness allows one to get intuitive guidance and also be able to move and direct energy to create whatever we choose.  And I knew that my purpose in life was to understand what had happened and share my new knowledge with others.

That is what I have been doing for many years now and it is true that living one’s life on purpose is greatly fulfilling.

I have explained my experience and the process for moving into this more advanced level of understanding and functioning in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. 

I also created a course to help others discover their purpose and their ability to move into this more advanced level of understanding and functioning.  It is called the Unlimited Futures Core Course.  You can download an introductory session of this course free by simply clicking in the box on the side of any page on our web site.



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