Happy Holidays

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on December 23, 2013

We at Unlimited Futures want to wish you the happiest of holidays.  Just how happy do you think your holidays will be?  I would like to remind you that it is a matter of choice.  It is so easy to get caught up in our programming around the holidays.  We have all been well programmed to know what the holidays “should” to be like.  For Christmas and Hanukah everyone goes home to a perfect family, where everyone is loving and compatible, gives and receives wonderful gifts, plays games and has fun, then shares a perfectly prepared special festive meal.  Then just as we have finished dinner a group of great looking carolers show up at the front door and sing beautiful songs to us.  Right?

New Year’s eve is also wonderful.  If you are single you have a date with someone very special, you go to a great party, dance the evening away, then at midnight comes the most fantastic kiss you ever had.  If you are married you are invited to the greatest New Year’s eve party ever.  Your spouse is excited about it, and all of your friends will be there, everyone will look great and be so happy to see the beautiful new outfits everyone will be wearing, and it will be a totally joyous occasion.

If this is what you experience, congratulations, I am very happy for you. This is what we have been conditioned by the media to believe it “should” be like, but real life is usually quite different. I have never had holidays that went exactly like that, but most of us are so well programmed to believe it “should” be this way, that if it isn’t it is very easy to think something is wrong with us or our friends or our family.  And it is very easy to become depressed.

We do not always get to pick our experiences.  Sometimes life deals us things that do not seem perfect at all.  However, we do get to choose how we perceive and react to what life hands us.

Whatever the situations are in your life this holiday season, chose to have a happy holiday season anyway.  I realize that, in many cases, one needs a very strong nervous system to pull this off successfully, but do your best.  What affects your attitude and experience most is what you tell yourself. Remember what it “should” be like is just fantasy.  Keep your attention on the wonderful things you have in your life and appreciate these things.  We all have lots of them.

Determine to do whatever it takes to bring joy into your experience.  Appreciate the beauty of the decorations all around.  Focus your attention on the good in the people around you, and if you are all alone, it is a great time to do something special for yourself.  Buy yourself a great present, or prepare a special meal for yourself, something that you really love, but do not have often.

If you are alone, it is a great time to enjoy the festivities on TV or read a good book.  Pamper yourself in any way that makes you feel good and special.  This is a perfect time to reread chapters 7 and 8 in my book Unlimited Futures and start getting clear about what you want to create in your life next year.  Make a list and start visualizing these new experiences coming into your life.

My gift to you this year is a copy of my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

The book is free you only need to pay shipping and handling just click on it and order your hard cover copy of the book.

Start working with the process described in the book and you will discover the power you have within yourself to create the kind of life you want for yourself.  Please let me know how you like the book and how the process works for you.






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