Are You Happy?

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 27, 2009

If not, why not?  Many times we associate happiness with circumstances and events in our lives.  We believe that when we get something that we want then we will be happy. When we meet the right person, when we get the right job, when we get married or when we get divorced, when we have children or when they leave home.  Is it really external things that make us happy?

 Fortunately, I have discovered that happiness comes from deep within us.  It is in fact a part of who we are.  And we only find true happiness when we take the time to go within and discover who we are. 

 It is the stress that gets built up within the mind/body system that blocks our ability to truly know ourselves.  We are so busy with the demands of life that we are not aware of the true possibilities that exist within each of us.  In order to truly know happiness you must remove yourself from your external focus, become quite and when you do some of the built up stress that gets stored in our nervous systems begins to be released.  When enough stress is released you discover your true self along with the amazing power we all have deep within to know joy and happiness. You will also discover that we each create the experiences in our lives and become aware of the laws of nature that governs how we do that.

 The purpose of Unlimited Futures is to help you discover the wonderful possibilities that lie dormant within each of us until we take the time to awaken to them.

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