Health, Happiness and Amazing Personal Growth Continued

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 23, 2010

In my blog last week I told you about getting an e mail from our former daughter-in-law and the misfortune that she and her husband had experienced in 2009.  If you missed it, read it before reading this.

They started working with the Unlimited Futures Core Course in February.  They chose to do the sessions weekly, and sent me reports each week.  I have just finished reading over all of their weekly reports. I wish I could share them all with you, because they are so inspiring.  Their problems looked overwhelming to them for awhile, but they start feeling better and begin to see possibilities.  As they worked with the process on a daily basis they were healing, and it became apparent that they could start getting off some of the medications they had been on.  This was a challenge, but a clear choice and it worked out perfectly.  It was a process that I have seen many people go through when they started working with our Core Course.

Then circumstances and events started unfolding on their behalf.  As we release the stress and become more aware of whom we are on a deeper level, nature also starts to support us in amazing ways.  Our former daughter-in-law was able to get off most of her medications and, in her words, got her life back.  Her energy started increasing and her mind became much clearer.  She started seeing possibilities and became very clear about what she wanted to create for herself.

Her husband’s health was also returning.  The back problems went away and so did the sinus problems.  His energy started increasing and he begins to feel happy and joyous for the first time in months.  He became very clear about what he wanted to create in his life also.  When this happened, of course, opportunities begin to show up for bringing these desires into their lives.

Remember he said the most ideal thing would be to be able to retire, move to a warm climate, and work part time at something that he loved.  It turns out that he made a number of huge sales and received a bonus for the year, which brought their income up to a point that it became clear that they could afford to retire, move to a warm climate and do something that he loved.

They made a couple of trips down here to Naples Florida, their favorite place in all the world, and where they had hoped that they would someday be able to move to, and found a perfect house in a beautiful gated community with a pool and everything they wanted, that they could rent.

He also now has several opportunities for doing the work that he loves, either with his own business or with another company which will pay him a salary plus commission.  He will be able to retire with his full retirement package and has several options for making all the money they will need to live comfortable and reestablish themselves.

They rented the house and will be moving down here in October.  In my next blog I will tell you about what is working out for our former daughter-in-law to fulfill her vision of writing and helping people.  It is really exciting.  Be sure to check my blog next week.

This is a clear example of what happens when people start working with the Unlimited Futures Core Course.  Fortunately for most people, they do not have as much to overcome as our friends did, but where ever you are, and whatever you are experiencing in your life you can make it better, much better.  You can create a life of health, happiness and continued personal growth for yourself.

I have described the process that you can use to take charge of your life in my book on Personal Growth. I have also created a DVD, a Companion Workbook and a Relaxation/Visualization CD and the Core Course that I have told you about to help you in your growth.  Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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