Health Recovery and Revitalization

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on September 6, 2010

As I promised in my last blog, I want to expand on what has happened as a result of Valerie’s experience with the Unlimited Futures Core Course.

We have been providing the Core Course for over 20 years in person, and have had thousands of people experience it with amazing results.  We have seen people heal themselves from numerous conditions, such as heart problems (see Bob Cargill’s video on our web site), cancer, diabetes and numerous other things.  We have known that it is a healing, strengthening process, which when practiced on a daily basis, gives the mind and body the rest it needs to start healing itself.

We have noticed that for almost everyone some healing starts to take place.  Sometimes a person would have a scar from an accident in childhood and notice that it turned red or maybe had a bit of swelling, and then the scar that they had most of their life would go away.  We have observed so many of these things over the years that we have been providing our Core Course.  But, we knew we could not say that it heals anything, and we certainly did not want people to just do the course if they had medical problems that needed medical attention.  Therefore, we have not emphasized the healing aspect of the course.

What we have focused our attention on is helping healthy people become healthier and successful people become more successful.  We knew that working with this process on a daily basis refines the energy in the entire mind/body system and moves one into a much more advanced level of functioning and experience.  This is a level of functioning that few people ever experience in their entire life.  It simply doesn’t happen without providing the mind/body system with the opportunity to strengthen itself.  This strengthening process automatically refines the energy in the entire system, making it possible for the conscious mind to merge with universal intelligence.  This process activates our intuitive abilities, the ability to intuitively see the big picture and understand complex systems.  It is something that we could not possibly experience without refining the energy in the mind/body system.

We knew there were many things available for people with health issues to get help, but we are not familiar with any other program that provides this amazing growth opportunity.  Therefore, we have focused on developing the human potential, discovering that there is so much more that we can experience in life, and it is possible for all of us to grow into that kind of experience.

What we have always known is that everyone simply starts where they are in their life and development, and grows from there.  What we have learned from Valerie and Gary’s experience with the Core Course, is how valuable it is for someone who is recovering from the treatment of a health problem to integrate a new life style into their life to help them recover their health and totally revitalize themselves.

Therefore, we will soon begin focusing much more attention on helping people who are recovering from an illness to totally change their lives.  First the system has to heal itself, which it will do, and then automatically it strengthens itself and moves one into a much more advanced level of functioning.  When one is recovering from an illness is the perfect time to choose to create a new way of life.

One of the things we ask you to do in the course is create a vision of what you want to create in your life.  A big part of Valerie’s vision was to be able to help people, who had experienced some of the things that she has been through, move through the recovery process rapidly and create better lives for themselves.  We are going to help her fulfill her vision by giving her the opportunity to help us create a new division of Unlimited Futures to help the people she so much wants to help.

We actually had the program to help people through health recovery and revitalization all along, but we now realize that we need to make people aware of it.  If you are interested in learning how to create greater health and a better life for yourself go to our products page and download absolutely free an introduction to our Core Course, and/or simply get the Core Course and get started changing your life now.

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