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by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on September 28, 2010

I just received an up-date from Valerie and Gary.  I have shared their experiences with you in other blogs.  In case you haven’t read them, Valerie is a two time survivor of breast cancer, and Gary has experienced several health problems, including a heart problem that has been bothering him for a number of years.

All of their health problems also created financial problems for them, and they told us their story the first of the year.

We were working on getting our Unlimited Futures Core Course on DVDs ready to make available for people on our web site.  So, we immediately sent them what we had ready, hoping to help them move through their problems and start creating the kind of life they wanted for themselves.

They have finished the course now, and continue to do the process twice a day every day, and their results have been phenominal.  They have turned their life around, and have been able to get off most of the medication that they were taking.  They will soon be moving here to sunny Florida into a beautiful house in a lovely gated community, and they will both be doing work that they love.

The agreement we had for giving them the Core Course is that they would do the course and practice the process twice a day and send us a report each week of what was happening for them, and I want to share with you the report that I got this week.

A BIG update here ….Gary had an echocardiogram last week and his heart is BETTER than ever before!!  His ejection fraction is in the mid-normal range!!  It has never been that since his heart attack back in ’92!!  We are sooooo happy!  And we are sure this was not due to medication or coincidence!”

We knew that many people have healed themselves from many different health problems as a result of participating in the Unlimited Futures Core Course, and working with the process, which we have been providing in person for well over twenty years now.  We were so excited about this that we shared it with all the people on our mailing list, and we received an e-mail in return which I would also like to share with you.

“I am delighted with the results from Valerie and Gary.  With a similar heart problem I understand what the ejection fraction is all about and according to my doctor, a turnaround is almost never heard of.”

Fortunately we have heard of it now, and also in the past others who participated in the Core Course have also healed themselves of heart problems.  See the video testimonial of Bob Cargill in the Reviews section on our web site.

We simply provide a program that we know has made a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people.  It is not only for heart health, but for optimal health on all levels of life.

I have described this process in detail and provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines in my book on Personal Growth. I have also created a CD, DVD, Companion Workbook, and now the Core Course is available on DVDs to help you.  They provide you with the perfect way to start your personal growth.

Once you start experiencing this growth, we also provide courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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