What is intuition

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 14, 2009

Intuition is a different way of knowing something.  It is the form of communication used by the right brain.  Intuitively we can see and understand things that are impossible for the left brain to comprehend, since the left brain is limited to only being able to see parts of the whole.  Intuitively we can see and understand the big picture or in other words see and understand how all the parts fit together and relate to each other.

Few people are capable of distinguishing between intuition and the intellect or the left brain’s reason and logic, because we have so little experience with actual intuition.  Intuitive abilities are a potential within all of us, but they must be developed.  Intuitive abilities appear as a result of removing ourselves from our constant left brain functioning, which, when done on a regular basis over time, allows us to move into a higher level of consciousness that is necessary for right brain development.  As we develop the right brain, we automatically begin to receive knowledge intuitively.

We all have hunches or feelings about things that we take for intuition, and these can sometimes be helpful, but truly to know what intuition is we must refine the energy in the mind/body system , so that our conscious mind is capable of merging with universal intelligence, the source of intuition.

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