by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on March 17, 2014

What is intuition? Where does it come from? And how do we access it?

Intuition is the form of communication used in communicating with our spiritual essence or our source.   The first law of nature we work with at Unlimited Futures, is that “Everything in Existence is Love Expressing Intelligently through Energy”.

There is simply a field of intelligence which contains all knowledge, and we are an expression of this intelligence.  When we know who we are we can tap into this field of intelligence and intuitively access whatever we want to know.

What Unlimited Futures is all about is helping us to know who we are on a deeper level of awareness or understanding.  There are two aspects to who we are, there is the external aspect that we experience through our senses and the intellect, and there is the internal aspect.  We sometimes talk about it in terms of right and left brain abilities.

Our left brain abilities are what allow us to communicate and function in the external world.  Our educational system develops these abilities, but what we now know is that there is much more possible for us.  This is what we call right brain abilities and these abilities must be developed in a totally different way than the left brain abilities.  These abilities are developed by removing ourselves from our external focus and focusing our attention within ourselves.

To access this field of all intelligence we must be able to become quite and still and listen.  The stress in our lives usually keeps us constantly focused externally and makes it very difficult to become quite enough to really focus our attention inward.

This is what the Unlimited Futures program is all about.  The stretching exercises helps release the stress held in the body.  The breathing exercise starts the settling process so that both mind and body begins to become still and quite so we can begin to focus our attention inward.  This is what we call meditation.  The goad of meditation is to bring both the mind and body to a state of absolute stillness and silence. Every time we do this we expand our awareness of who we are and our relationship with all of existence.

This process done on a regular basis refines the energy in the mind/body system so that it becomes capable of merging with the more highly refined energy of the super-conscious or field of all intelligence.  This is the source of intuition and how we access it.

Anything and everything is possible for us but we simply are not aware of it.  As we expand our awareness or move into higher levels of consciousness we become aware of the wholeness of life.  We begin to understand the connectedness of everyone and everything.  From this level of understanding we can see the perfection in everything and can freely access intuitive guidance for whatever we chose to create in our lives.

Our Stress Release and Personal Growth In-residence course is provided to give you the opportunity to remove yourself from you outwardly focused life and take two long week-ends to go within, release the built up stress and establish your connection with the wholeness that you are.

You start this process by working with the UF process of stretching exercises, breathing exercises and meditation. This is fully explained in my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

 Most of us have been overstressing ourselves for a long time and it takes some time to release the stress so that we are capable of experiencing the possibilities that exist just beyond our awareness.

The UF Core Course walks you through the process step-by-step, and after you have been working with the process for a few months it is time to attend our In-residence course.  Giving yourself this time to develop your right brain abilities moves you into a whole new level of understanding, functioning and experience.

You may get a copy of my book for only shipping and handling on our products page.  You may also download an introductory session of our Core Course absolutely free just by clicking in the box requesting it found on each page of our web site.



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