Intuition – A Right Brain Ability

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on October 5, 2009

For the most part we live in a left brain world.  Left brain abilities include linear thinking, reason and logic and verbal communication.  These are the abilities we develop in our educational system.  And until recently we thought that was all that was available to us, and, of course, all that we needed to happy and successful.

 In the past there have been a few people who seemed to be intuitive and functioned from a different level of functioning than other people.  Many years ago now Abraham Maslow noticed these people and decided to study them.  He said these people were self-actualized.  They had discovered abilities within themselves that others were unable to access.  Maslow found that these people were highly creative and highly intuitive.  What they had discovered and developed was their right brain abilities.

 Today we know that right brain abilities like creativity, the ability to see the big picture, understand complex systems and how all the parts fit together, see and understand laws of nature or principles of life are abilities that lie dormant within all of us, until they are developed. 

 Intuition is the form of communication used by the right brain.  Only intuitively can we understand wholeness.  The left brain is limited to seeing and understanding only parts.  Developing our right brain and discovering our intuitive abilities moves one into a whole new world of awareness and experience.

 Right brain abilities are developed in a totally different way than left brain abilities.  Teaching and learning work well for developing the left brain.  To develop our right brain abilities we must remove ourselves from the everyday left brain functioning and go within.  Right brain development is a discovery process.  We at Unlimited Futures provide a program for the development of right brain abilities.  See details by going to





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