Levels of Consciousness

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on September 2, 2013

First let’s talk about what consciousness is.  It is simply awareness.  As we evolve our awareness or consciousness expands.  We can only affect something if we are aware of it.  No matter what exists, we can only respond to or affect what we are aware of.  We can only know what we are capable of knowing.

We, as a species, are constantly evolving and expanding our consciousness.  Years ago the human species was unable to see in color, but as we evolved gradually some people got a glimpse of the color red, then that ability expanded to other colors and to more and more people.  Now, of course, we all see in color.  Still some of us see more colors than others.  This is just an example of the evolution of consciousness.

At this point in time the entire human species is evolving very rapidly and we will discover numerous abilities that we never knew before. As we know everything is energy, but our senses can only comprehend a small portion of what is possible.  Take a look at the diagram below.


Let this line represent all of the known energy.  This includes all of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, Gamma-rays, etc.  What we can perceive with our five senses is only a small portion of this energy, as indicated by the space between the ones in the center of the scale.  This space increased from an even smaller space before we evolved to be able to see color and all the ramifications of color.

As we continue to evolve our ability to know and understand how life works expands.  We know there are a few people who function from a higher level of consciousness than the average person in our society.  Abraham Maslow discovered that there were a few people in our society who had evolved to a higher level of consciousness.  He studied some of these people and coined the term self-actualized to describe their advanced level of functioning.  He found that these people were the healthiest people in our society, they were also the happiest, and most were highly accomplished.  Maslow said these self-actualized people had discovered how to fulfill their needs right from within themselves.

Fortunately, we have discovered a way to accelerate the natural evolutionary process which moves us into this more advanced level of consciousness.  We have discovered a way to develop self-actualization.  We have been working with this process for twenty something years and have helped thousands of people move to a much higher level of consciousness and functioning, thereby helping them create much better lives for themselves.

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