Life, Love and Beliefs

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on September 26, 2011

What is life really all about and how does it relate to love?  And what role do our beliefs play in our experiences?  These are major questions that most people are seeking to answer.  Today I am going to give you my understanding of the answers to these questions.

I believe that life is simply a learning experience, and we are here to grow and discover who we are and the power we have within ourselves to create the experiences we want.  The first question in probing this is “Who are You?”

We usually answer that question with information about ourselves relating to our work, beliefs or relationships.  However, if you had nothing external to identify with, then who would you be?

My answer to that is that “Everything in existence is Love expressing intelligently through energy.”

Our experiences in life are simply a reflection of who we believe we are. Therefore if we are not happy with our experiences we need to change our beliefs and discover who we really are.

Why do we not know who we are?  There are two major reasons, first it is due to all the stress that gets built up in our nervous systems which damages the system and blocks our ability to see clearly.  The second is all the beliefs that have been programmed into our thinking from other people or the external world.  They are so imbedded in our thinking that even when we look for help we look to the external world.  We are simply too stressed to realize that the answers we are seeking can be found right within ourselves.

Years ago when I was asking these questions, I discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening the entire mind/body system.  As we work with this process over time we become aware of who we are.  We get strong enough to see through all the external programming and discover the love and intelligence that we are expressing, through a world of energy.  We become aware of the interconnectedness of everything, and discover our ability to move and form energy to create the lives we want for ourselves.

We live in a world of limitations only because we are looking in the wrong direction for the answers to life’s challenges.  We are limited in our abilities, and we can only do as much as we are capable of doing.  So instead of continuing to try to do more isn’t it time to stop and ask yourself if you are going in the right direction to fulfill your needs and desires.

I have written a book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, to share this process, that I discovered, with you.  In the book I have described the process in detail and provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines to help you work with this process.  In addition I have created a CD, DVD and Companion Workbook to help you get started.  We now also have our Core Course on DVDs so you can experience this course right in the comfort of your own home.  You may download a free introduction session by simply clicking in the box on the side of this page requesting it.

Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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