Are You Looking for Love?

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on January 10, 2011

To love and be loved is the greatest desire we humans have, so if we are not in a loving relationship we are most likely looking for that kind of a relationship.  We all want to experience love, but could it be that we are looking in the wrong places for love?

If you are familiar with my work, you know that the first law of nature that we work with is that “Everything in existence is Love expressing intelligently through energy”.  Therefore, we are love, and in order to fully experience it we must find it deep within ourselves.

We have been programmed to believe that love is something that someone else can give us.  We believe that if we can just meet the right person we can fall in love.  Sometimes we meet someone and we do fall in love to the degree that we are capable of experiencing love.  Sometimes we think we have met someone who we can love, but they cannot return our love.

Love evolves just like everything else, but since we think it comes from outside of ourselves, we try to hold on to it.  When we are able to feel it with someone we usually get married to secure that the one that makes us feel this way stays with us.  Then we usually have children to expand the feeling of love.  We love our children again to the degree that we are capable of knowing love.

All of our relationships are for our growth, so each relationship regardless of how intimate or how casual, has an effect on us.  We grow and learn from each of our relationships.  Our biggest problems exist because all relationships do not work out the way we had expected that they would.  Since love is who we are, all of us, we simply act as mirrors for each other, and we are together as long as necessary for each party to learn what they are to learn from the other.

The thing that is so hard, actually impossible, for the intellect to understand is the perfection of life.  We are where we are, experiencing whatever we are experiencing because that is exactly what we need for our growth.  If we understood this life would be so much easier.  So much of our sadness comes from our expectations that are not in harmony with the laws of nature.

Since the whole reason for our being here is to grow, know ourselves, and become masters of life, we attract people into our lives that are about where we are in our growth process.  Many times people do not grow together and one outgrows the other.  If we understood the purpose of our being here, it would be much easier to simply say good bye and move on in our growth.  However, since we do not understand how life really works, we try to make it work the way we have been programmed to believe it should be.

The one thing we learn, in time, is that we get to take just as much time as we want to learn the things we need to know for our growth, and when we are ready or capable to experiencing a more fulfilling relationship that happens.

When we begin to understand that what we are seeking can be found deep within ourselves and focus our attention on an inner path rather than an outer path to love, we expand our ability to love and be loved simply because it is who we know ourselves to be that is reflected back to us through others.  We all experience love to the degree that we are capable of knowing love.  As we evolve our ability to know love expands and we move into a whole different experience of love.  Once we feel totally whole, complete and perfect within ourselves, or in other words know who we are, only then are we capable of truly unconditional love.

The way we expand our ability to find the love, that we are, is through a process of releasing the stress that gets built up in our nervous systems.  Thru this process we refine the energy of the mind/body system which allows our conscious mind to merge with universal love and intelligence.

Many years ago I discovered a process which releases stress and refines the energy of the mind/body system which allows to us move into a much more advanced level of functioning that includes dramatically expanding our ability to know and experience love.

I have described this process in detail and provided step-by-step guidelines for what needs to be done in my book on How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

I have also created a Companion Workbook, a CD and DVD to help you get started with the process.  Once you begin to experience the changes that will occur when you start working with the process, you will want to participate in our Personal Growth and Development Core Course, which you can now get on DVD.  You can also download an introduction to this course free. If you are looking for love it would be good to do that before you leave the site.

In addition, we also provide in residence Continued Growth Courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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