Is it Magic or Right Brain Development

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on May 17, 2010

Some people who have gone through our Unlimited Futures Course call it the “Miracles Process”.  We explain that it not a miracle, that you can create the things you want in your life.  It is just the acceleration of a natural evolutionary process.  It is a consequence of developing your right brain abilities.  These abilities are available to us through a different way of knowing, which is usually termed “intuition”.  Through the Unlimited Futures process we release stress and refine the energy that makes up the mind/body system, and as a result we move into a whole new world of experience.

Most people are not even aware that these abilities exist.  Our educational system is designed to develop our left brain abilities or the intellect.  However, the intellect is limited, and is not capable of comprehending or understanding wholeness.  It is only capable of knowing parts of the big picture. It works with information, and no matter how much information we have it is still incomplete.  Only intuitively can we truly understand how life works.

Intuition is a right brain ability, and we all have the potential to know it.  In order to develop our right brain abilities we must remove ourselves from our left brain functioning long enough to discover who we really are and the power we have within ourselves to create whatever we chose.  Right brain abilities are available to all of us, but they lie dormant unless we activate or develop them.  That is what the Unlimited Futures Programs are all about.

Unlimited Futures is about the development of human potential, not just giving you some more information, even though we do that also.  We only need to give you enough information to help you understand that what you are seeking is within you, and in order to create the life you want for yourself, you must discover the power you have right within yourself.

Therefore, is being able to create the life you want magic or the discovery and development of right brain abilities?  We help people make these discoveries in our Personal Growth and Development Program. Check it out.

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Christiana June 20, 2016 at 10:55 pm

You can always tell an expert! Thanks for cobutinrting.


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