What does it mean to move to a higher level of consciousness?

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 13, 2009

Consciousness is our ability to be aware.  As we evolve, our consciousness expands, and we have now evolved to a point where more and more people will be experiencing a huge leap in  consciousness.  In the past most of us have only been conscious of our left brain abilities, such as reason and logic, analytical thinking, and the use of verbal communication.  The society that we live in today is bases on left brain abilities.  In the past we believed that if had enough information we could figure things out and make them work

Now, we can get more information than we can possibly use with just a click of the mouse.  We are beginning to realize that it is not information that we need, but a way to know the value of the information that we get.  We need abilities that go beyond our usual left brain functioning.  More and more people are discovering the fact that we have abilities deep within ourselves that have been dormant because we have not activated them or developed them.  These are what we call right brain abilities. Abilities like creativity, intuition, the ability to see the big picture and how all the parts fit together.  The time has come for us to discover what is possible for us when we take the time to settle down and go within.  It is time to change direction.  In the past we have looked outside ourselves  for the answers we seek, but now people are realizing that the answers that we need and want most is right within ourselves.

 There are still people around that will try to convince you that you just need some more information, but information cannot increase your abilities or raise your level of consciousness.  We can only experience what we are capable of being aware of.

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