Peace, Harmony and Joy

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on August 19, 2013

This week I want to talk about living in peace, harmony and joy on a full time basis.  It is possible for all of us, and the first thing you need to know is that it doesn’t have anything to do with external circumstances and events.  However once we find that place of peace, harmony and joy within ourselves we are then capable of creating the circumstances and events that we want to experience in our lives.

Oprah Winfrey has a show on Sunday mornings called Super Soul Sunday on her OWN TV channel where she interviews people who have found that place of peace, harmony and joy within themselves.  It is an excellent show and I would recommend that you watch it every Sunday.  It is on at 10 AM EDT and again at 11 AM EDT.  The new show comes on at 11, but so far they have been repeating that show the next week at 10 AM.  That gives you two options for a time to watch it.  I think she is doing a fabulous job with her new network in helping people move forward in their spiritual quest.  We watch it every Sunday and are really enjoying it.  I think you will find it most helpful.  We are so glad we found, and know it can be very beneficial for all of us.

We get so much information about the fact that we are creating our own experiences and that you can create whatever you choose.  This is true, but in order to create the circumstance and events you want in your life, you have to develop your ability to do so.

Creating your choices is not an intellectual process.  You must first develop your ability to do that, and you do that by working with the Unlimited Futures process of stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing techniques twice a day, every day.  What this process is all about is refining the energy in the mind/body system.  Our energy must be sufficiently refined to allow us to merge our conscious awareness with the highly refined energy of universal intelligence (all knowledge).

When our mind/body energy is sufficiently refined we move into a whole new level of consciousness.  This process is allowing us to discover who we really are.  When this happens we begin to experience peace, harmony and joy on a full time basis, and we become aware that we are not separate from anyone or anything else.  Everything is this – love expressing intelligently through energy.

Since we know ourselves as one with the wholeness of life we can then create our choices right from within ourselves.  We become aware of how we create our experiences.  It is no longer an intellectual pursuit.  It is simply a process of just being who you are.  On this level of life there are no doubts or fears.  They simply fade away as we discover who we are and the interrelatedness of everything.

This, does not, however mean that we will never have any more challenges.  It is just that we will no longer be affected by them.  We will understand how life works and know that our challenges are just teaching us something that we need to know.  We also know that the external things of life cannot affect the peace, harmony and joy that we feel inside and that we have the ability to handle whatever comes up for us.

In the Unlimited Futures Core Course you learn a process for releasing stress and refining the energy in the entire mind/body system.  How successful you will be in creating your choices depends on working with that process until enough stress has been released to allow the energy of the system to become sufficiently refined to merge with Universal Intelligence or the wholeness of life.

To help you accelerate that process we have created our Stress Release and Personal Growth In-Residence Course.  This course gives you 8 full days and nights (4 at a time) to remove yourself from all external activities and focus your full attention and action on a process that allows you to release stress much more quickly and develop your ability to move into that place of peace, harmony and joy within yourself.  This, of course, is where we all want to be and is the place that gives us the power to create whatever we chose.

I have explained the process in detail in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.

You may now get a copy of the first edition of my book for only shipping and handling, see our products page.  You may also download an introductory session of our Core Course by simply clicking in the box on the side on any page on our web site, requesting it.


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