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by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on March 8, 2010

The market seems to be flooded with self-help books giving you advice about how to create a wonderful life for yourself.  So, how is a seeker to know what will bring real value to their life?

Many people around the world today are discovering that there is more to life than what most of us ever dreamed possible.  We are discovering principles that affect how we create our own experiences.  Different people are discovering different principles that shed light on things we can do to create a better life for ourselves.  We are each so excited about what we have discovered to help us create a better life that we want to share it with others.  Therefore we write books to share our discoveries.

Unfortunately, we are all using the same words to describe very different things.  Our dilemma is that we all discover principles that affect all aspects of our lives, so we try to tell you what all the possibilities are in terms of health, relationships, wealth, etc.

Most all of these books and personal growth programs have value in varying degrees, but here I want to explain what makes the Unlimited Futures books and programs different from all the others.

Most of the books are about personal discoveries that have helped the authors create a really good life for themselves.  Many describe principles of life and how these principles work in our lives.  So do I.

What makes Unlimited Futures different is that we provide a process that you can use to access abilities that lie deep within you that will make it possible for you to make your own discoveries.

What I discovered is a process for releasing the stress that gets built up in our nervous systems and prevents us from accessing the abilities that we all have, but that lie dormant deep within us until we activate them.  This process refines the energy of the mind/body system making it possible for you to access these abilities, which automatically moves you into a much more advanced level of functioning.

What Unlimited Futures is about, is not only making you aware of the possibilities, but giving you step-by-step guidelines for moving into a whole new level of functioning.

We usually believe that if we know how to do something that we can do it, but this is not the case.  What we can do in any area of our lives is determined by our own abilities.  We may know a process for creating the life we want for ourselves, but still not be able to do it.

I have discovered a process for helping you access abilities, such as intuition, creativity, the ability to understand laws of nature and how they work right from within yourself.  Therefore, what we provide at Unlimited Futures are personal growth books and programs that lead you into a whole new level of awareness, and allows you to access abilities that most people never know is possible for them.

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