Where is the Power in Your Life?

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on January 17, 2011

Our friends at Inner Weigh have just come out with a video to help people who are struggling with their weight.  It is an excellent video and we have endorsed it because we feel it can be very beneficial for people with weight challenges.  Therefore, I would like to explain how I see it working in terms of the Unlimited Futures process.

We all want to work from the highest level of power possible in our lives regardless of what we want to create.  In Unlimited Futures we work with principles and techniques that work the same regardless of what we want to create, whether it is a lean, beautiful body, optimal health, happy, harmonious relationships, inner peace or wealth.

Let’s look at the hierarchy of power that we have, or can have access to in our lives.  There are laws of nature that relate to the different levels of life.  There are spiritual laws, and there are laws of nature that relate to the mental, emotional level of life, and there are laws of nature that relate to the physical.  We have the most power when we can work with the spiritual laws.  Then the next level of power is found on the mental, emotional level.  The least powerful is the material or physical level, but there are laws that govern the physical as well and if we know the laws of nature and work in harmony with them on any level we can accomplish our goals.

Most of us are only familiar with the physical principles, and we put all of our time and energy into trying to accomplish our goals from that level of consciousness.  However, if we can become aware of the mental, emotional laws of nature or principles of life, we have much more power on that level.  That is the level of awareness that the Inner Weigh video is helping people to see and understand.

To work with the highest level of power, we would be working from the spiritual level.  However, to be able to work from this level we must have evolved to a point where we can clearly know the perfection of everything.  On this level we have no doubts or concerns and realize that we do not have to make anything happen.

Few people are capable of fully working from this level, but that is what the Unlimited Futures process is moving us toward.  Working with the process of stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing techniques daily moves one in that direction, and in time one will be able to work from this level of power.

The next highest level of power is on the mental, emotional level.  Thought precedes action, and if we understand how our thoughts create on the material level of life we are well on our way to creating what we want.  The Unlimited Fututes 7 steps in the creative process help us live and function from this level of awareness.  We first get clear in our minds what we want to create, and then we visualize it, or see it in our imagination.  The law of attraction then begins to attract the energy necessary for the fulfillment of our desire.  The next step is “Acceptance”; this is the most challenging step in the 7 steps, because here we must be strong enough to be able to change many of the beliefs that have been programmed into our thinking over our life time.

This is where the Inner Weigh video is very helpful for people who are dealing with a weight challenge.  We must be able to accept whatever we are trying to create in our lives, and once we are can totally accept whatever we want it is a done deal.  There are 4 more steps in the creative process that are a part of the process, but once we have totally accepted it, know that it is ours; we simply follow through with the other steps.  We keep our attention focused on it until we see it manifest on the material level.  Hopefully, we are capable of becoming quite and still and listening for intuitive guidance and then we follow through with the action we need to take to bring it to physical manifestation.

The action step is the only step in the Unlimited Futures process that relates to the principles of life on the material level.  And there are principles that work on the material or physical level.  In the case of weight, on the physical level, we know that we gain weight when we take in more calories than we burn, and lose weight when we can burn more calories than we take in.  However, when we are able to receive intuitive guidance we know how to follow through with the action step without struggle.  It is a part of the process, but a minor part and an easy part when we work with the other 5 steps before going into the action.

Most of us are very familiar with the physical level of life and understand that action is necessary to manifest what we want.  But if we are only aware of this level of life, we can still sometimes fulfill our desires.  However, we are coming from our least powerful position, and it will always be a struggle.

When we try to “make” our desires manifest it is very difficult. It is like trying to push a snow ball up hill.  You might get it done, but it isn’t easy.  However, when we are able to work from a higher level of awareness and power, our lives get easier and more fulfilling every day.  It is like starting our snow ball from the top of the hill or at least, half way up and “letting” it roll down hill.  When we are aware of how life works and we can come from a position of letting rather than trying to make things happen, life becomes so much more rewarding.

If you are interested in the Inner Weigh video just click here to get more information about it.


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