Principles That Govern How Life Works

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on July 8, 2013

We watched Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday on Sunday morning.  Her interview with the singer, India Arie, was most interesting.  If you are not watching the show, I highly recommend that you do so on Sunday mornings at 10 and 11 AM EDT on the OWN channel.  Each week she interviews someone who has discovered at least one principal that governs how life works and has used it in their lives for creating their success.

India told Oprah that her spiritual understanding is the most important thing in her life.  She said that nothing comes before her meditations.  It seems that several years ago she was having some health problems which she had done everything she could to cure, but the condition persisted.

She told Oprah that she was in Hawaii watching the volcano erupt when she had an epiphany.  She clearly understood a principle of life, the principle of surrender.  She was able to see the connectedness of everything in existence, and realized the perfection of it all.

She realized that her health condition had a purpose.  It was teaching her something.  She realized that the body just responds to the conditions of the mind.  She also realized that her struggle was unnecessary, so she totally surrendered to the perfection that she could see encompasses everything and everyone.

By the time she arrived home her health condition had cleared up completely.  This awakening totally changed her life.  She is now very successful, and living her life on her own terms rather than pushing, forcing and struggling.

This is what Unlimited Futures is all about.  It is about releasing the stress that blocks our ability to know who we are.  Through the practice of the UF process, in time, enough stress will be released to allow you to clearly see and understand the wholeness of life and the principles that governs it.

When we still believe that we are separate entities, and are unable to know the wholeness of life we think that we are responsible for making our desires become our reality.  The truth is that our desires and the fulfillment of our desires come from the same source.  And they will manifest if we can just let it happen.

When we think we have to make it happen, we struggle.  The harder we push the more resistance we create.  This principle works perfectly, as do all principles.  We must experience the failure to teach us that it is not the way to go.

When we know who we are, we know that we are at one with all energy and it will move to bring about the fulfillment of our desires if we just get out of the way and let it happen.  We realize, as did India, that no matter what appears to be happening we will always be fine.  Whatever is happening is happening for our good.

We must learn how the principles work and when we think we know we usually get a test to be sure we got it.  When we are able to surrender and give up the need to make it happen it usually falls into place, sometimes in ways we never would have thought about.

All we have to do is be receptive and be willing to do our part.  We need to be as clear as possible about our desires, present them, and just do whatever comes to us to do in a calm peaceful receptive way.  I think of it as just being the doorman.  All we have to do is just open the door.

As you may know, many years ago I had my own awakening to the realization of the wholeness and I was fortunate enough to also be able to see and understand the principles of life and how they work.

I have explained this in detail and also provided step-by-step guidance to help you have your own awakening in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want.  I also created our Core Course which walks you through your own process.  You may download a free introductory session of this course by simply clicking in the box on the side of each page on our web site, requesting it.



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