Purpose and Commitment

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on September 30, 2013

We all have a mutual purpose and an individual purpose.  Our first and foremost purpose, the reason we are here, is to discover who we are and the power we have within ourselves to make our individual contributions to the world.

Our individual purposes vary tremendously and can be fulfilled in numerous ways, but if we try fulfilling our individual purpose before we discover who we are and the power we have inside to make our contribution, we are putting the cart before the horse.  And we will continue to experience struggle until we take care of our main purpose, the reason we are here.

We have a spiritual reason and purpose for being here and it is not to make money, build a business or care for our families.  It is to discover who we are.  It is to be all that we can be, and when we take care of that purpose first we are then able to handle all of our other purposes without stress or strain.

We just finished a series of conference calls with a group of people who all own a UF Core Course.  One person in the group who has done the course a couple of times told us that she finally understood what we have said many times, and that is that your personal growth has to be first and foremost in your life.  Unfortunately, many people try to work the UF process around their other obligations and commitments.  This doesn’t work.

It is a great blessing to become self-actualized or enlightened, but to receive this blessing your desire for it must come before anything else in your life.  I will repeat, before anything else.  What we are talking about is to know who you are as a spiritual being and the power that lies deep within you to create whatever you choose.

Doesn’t it make sense to develop this amazing power that lies dormant within each of us before trying to do anything else?  As long as we are functioning from just the intellect we will surely struggle.  That is what is considered the human condition.  Yet, there is so much more available for us if we just chose to discover it by making it our first and foremost commitment.

When we are functioning from the intellect we believe that external things or other people make our life good or not so good.  When we discover who we are we realize that we are creating our own experiences from within ourselves.  There is nothing or no one outside ourselves, therefore we are in charge and know what to do and how to do it to create the life we want for ourselves.

Since we all have free will we get to take as long as we chose to realize our limitations using only the intellect.  It is called trial and error, and it can go on forever.  Or at any moment you can chose to make a commitment to yourself to discover who you are and the power you have to create the life you want.

I have discovered a process for helping you to develop your ability to discover who you are as a spiritual being and I have described it in my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. 

You may get a free copy of the book just for shipping and handling by clicking on the link above.

In addition we have our Core Course either on DVDs or digital that walks you through the process.  The next step then is to attend our Stress Release and Personal Growth In-residence Course.

We can help you know your purpose in life, both our mutual purpose and your individual purpose.

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