The Pursuit of Happiness

by michaelg on July 30, 2009

The most desirable thing in life for most of us is happiness.  Therefore the pursuit of happiness is a major focus.  What makes us happy or unhappy, for the most part, is how we are feeling, and our self talk.

Happiness is something that we discover within ourselves.  It is usually a shock to most of us in the pursuit of happiness to discover that it is really not outside circumstances that determines our state of happiness.  We usually believe that if only certain things happened we would be happy, but I have discovered that happiness is our natural state.  The reason more of us do not experience it, and must continue the pursuit of happiness, is because we do not understand where it comes from.  We keep asking, “Where do I find happiness?”

I have discovered that happiness is the automatic result of knowing ourselves.  What does that mean?  That means that we are usually looking outside ourselves in the pursuit of happiness.  We think that it is something that someone else can give us. It is actually an attribute of who we are, but the stress in our lives blocks our ability to know who we are and the happiness that  brings.

Fortunately, I discovered a process for releasing stress and strengthening the nervous system (where the stress is stored) which allows us to discover who we are on a deeper level and begin to experience happiness.  Most of us have not been fully rested in our life, but that is a part of the process necessary to release stress and move us into a whole new world.

In our Unlimited Futures courses, the process we work with utilizes breathing exercises, stretching exercises, meditation and focusing techniques.  When we work with this process on a daily basis the stress that blocks our ability to be happy is released, and we begin to feel waves of happiness, which continue to increase until that is our permanent state of being.

In my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, I have provided step-by-step guidelines for what you need to do to discover the deeper aspect of yourself and be able to end the pursuit of happiness because you will begin to know happiness within yourself as you true state of being.

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