Questions for Developing Intuition

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on December 13, 2010

In my book entitled Unlimited Futures, I give the reader a process to work with for releasing stress, strengthening the nervous system and developing intuition.  One of the exercises that I recommend is asking a question after one finishes working with the stretching exercises and meditation.

This week I got a request from Jon in Minnesota, who is working with the process explained in the book.  He asked me to give an example of how asking questions works, by explaining how I have used it in the past and how it worked for me.  Jon suggested that others might also benefit from this answer so that is what I am writing about today.

In the book I talk about how I discovered this process and how I was able to start creating the things I wanted in my life.  One of the things I wanted to create was my own place, which I determined would be a townhouse.  I worked through the seven steps in the creative process which I explain in the book.  The first step is Clarity.  The first question one needs to ask oneself is “What do I want”?  The next step is Visualization, you need to see what you want to create in your mind’s eye.  The third step is Acceptance, which is the most challenging part.  This is where you discover that you have lots of beliefs that do not help you create what you want, and those beliefs need to be changed.  The forth step is to stay Focused, and the fifth step is “Intuition”, and one of the exercises to help you become familiar with your ability to receive intuitively is to ask questions after meditation.

I used this technique when I first started working with the process, now I no longer need to ask questions.  What I need to know just comes to me intuitively.  But when I was creating my townhouse and using that technique one of the questions I asked after my meditation was “What do I need to do?”  The answer that came to me almost immediately was that I needed to get a real estate license.  I did not understand why, but I started studying to take the test for a real estate license.  As it turns out a real estate license was necessary for me to move forward in creating my townhouse.

One of the first questions I asked when I started working with this process was “What role we each play in creating our own experiences?”  At that point, as I explain in the book, I got a very clear understanding of the laws of nature and how creation is created.  This is what Abraham Maslow calls a peak experience, and according to him they are very rare.  So I do not want you to expect this kind of experience, but I do want you to know that it is possible.

Jon asked, “What kind of questions should I ask”?  These are examples of questions I asked, but you can ask to know anything that you really want to know the answer to, but be aware that developing our intuition usually happens over time.  What we are working with is energy, the energy that makes up the entire mind/body system.  Through working with the stretching exercises, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing techniques on a daily basis, we refine the energy that makes up the mind and body thereby making it possible for our conscious minds to merge with universal intelligence, all knowledge.  This is the only way I know of to develop one’s intuitive abilities.  Intuition is a potential for all of us, but experienced by only a few.

We hear much about intuition today, but just a few years ago we, as a society, did not believe it existed.  Now it has been proven that it exist, but few people really understand it or experience it.  I have been asked many times, “How do we know the difference between intuition and just our beliefs?”  The only way I know to be able to distinguish the difference is just by working with the process over time.  As we continue to work with the Unlimited Futures process over time, our intuitive abilities continue to develop, and after a while we begin to be able to know the difference just by the way it feels, but it is impossible to explain.  So the only thing you can do is just keep working with the process so you can experience it.

Unless you have been working with a process for developing your intuition on a regular basis over a period of time (at least, several months) you probably do not experience much intuition.  What usually comes up for us are simply deep seeded beliefs that make us think they are intuition.  Intuition is something that has to be developed in almost everyone.  There are exceptions, but very few.

When we first start asking questions many people get symbols or words that are not immediately meaningful.  As you keep working with the process, answers become more recognizable.  This is clearly seen in our Core Course that is now available on DVDs.

I hope this has been helpful.  As you know, Jon, the Unlimited Futures process is described in my book on Personal Growth, and I have also created a CD, DVD and Companion Workbook to help you.  They provide you with a perfect way to get started.

We now also have our Core Course on DVDs so you can experience this course with the help of others on the DVD in the comfort of your own home.  If you have not already done so be sure to download our free introductory session of the Core Course before you leave the site.

Once you start experiencing this growth process, we also provide in residence courses that you can attend to accelerate this natural evolutionary process.

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