Raising World Consciousness

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on April 23, 2012

My husband, Dean, and I firmly believe that if a group of us are willing to work together we can make a great contribution to raising world consciousness.  So, to this end we are beginning an experiment.

I wrote an e book entitled Understanding Stress and I am giving a complimentary copy to anyone who is interested.  In it I explain what stress does to all aspects of our lives, our health, abilities, relationships and our overall wellbeing.  I want people to clearly understand why it is so important for us to release this stress that gets built up in the mind/body system on a daily bases.

If you do not have your copy yet you may simply click here www.unlimitedfutures.org/ebook

Once you start releasing the stress the entire mind/body system starts to heal itself from the damage of the stress and strengthen itself.  As this process continues we become more and more capable of taking charge of our lives and creating whatever we chose.

There is a 7 step process for creating anything.  I have explained this process and how to work with it in an interview which we are also giving complimentary copies to everyone who wants one.  To download your complimentary copy of this interview just click here http://unlimitedfutures.org/steps-creative-process/

We are going to teach everyone, who is willing to make a commitment to working with the process, how to create something that is important to you.  Once you are able to manifest one thing you can repeat the process to create more and more of the things you want in your life.

If you would like to be a part of this experiment then immediately read the Understanding Stress e book and listen to the 7 Steps Interview.  And start thinking about one thing that you would like to create as an experiment and a way to begin to understand that this is a possibility for you.

The first step in the creative process is Clarity.  So, next week I will write about how to get as clear as possible for beginning to create whatever you have chosen to create.

I must warn you that knowing how to do something and actually doing it is very different.  I can tell you how to create, but actually doing it requires you to be strong enough to work with the process, and willing to do it on a daily basis.

How effective you will be in creating what you want is determined by the condition of your nervous system.  If you have not yet started working with the Unlimited Futures process you will want to get started now.

I have explained the stress release process in detail and provided diagrams and step-by-step guidelines for working with this process in my book entitled Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want. I have also created a Companion Work to help you get started, along with a CD with relaxation/visualizations, and a DVD where the energizers are demonstrated.

Our mission statement is; Unlimited Futures provides programs and an environment which allows each of us to discover who we are, how we function, our purpose and how to accomplish it.  Thereby creating a network of people around the world who are creating the lives they want for themselves and are actively helping others to do the same.

 We are now inviting you to become a part of the Unlimited Futures community.  You can do that by clicking in the box on the side of the page registering for my free monthly newsletter.

We are asking everyone who wants to participate in this experiment to share the stress e book and/or the 7 steps link with their friends and associates.  We believe that if all of us are willing to share our discoveries we can make a difference in world consciousness.  We would love to have you join us.

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