by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on October 19, 2009

Relationships seem to be one of the biggest concerns in our lives.  Let’s look at some of the reasons they can be so difficult.  Our relationships reflect our beliefs.  Unfortunately we are all coming from a different perspective and have very different beliefs and expectations. 

 One of the principles of life is that we get what we expect.  For instance, if we have been programmed to believe that people will take advantage of us, that is what we expect and that is what we experience in our relationships.  The other person in the relationship may be seeing things from a totally different perspective, and be totally unaware of our perspective. 

 There is an energy that comes from us and attracts to us, through the law of attraction, whatever we believe in.  Others will respond to us in relationship to the energy that we are projecting automatically.  Only when we are strong enough to stop and make a conscious choice not to react to the energy that is coming our way are we able to avoid conflict.  Otherwise, we play into each other’s beliefs.

 The reality is that we all live in very different worlds.  Our personal world of experiences will be the result of our beliefs.  We think we are communicating and are seeing or experiencing the same things, but that is simply not the case.  It is amazing that we even think that we are communicating.

 If we want to create good relationships in our lives we must be able to become quite and bring to our conscious awareness the beliefs we have about other people in general and also about specific people.  To create good relationships in our lives most of us have to change many of the beliefs that have been programmed into our thinking.

 To help people be able to change their beliefs and their relationships we provide our Personal Growth and Development Program which provides an opportunity to release the stress that gets built up in our nervous systems and block our ability to become aware of our beliefs and change them.

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