What People are Saying…

About the Coaching Program

The Group Coaching sessions we just completed in December were amazing.  Everyone made great strides in changing their beliefs and understanding how the creative process works and creating what they were focusing on.  As I promised, I want to share some of their comments with you.

Here is what Michael said;

“My life radically changed after attending your in-residence course last year.  As you

know I started with the Core Course several years ago then attended the in-residence

course last year.  I am now in a very special relationship and my social life has expanded

immensely.  I am enjoying things I had never done before like kicking and camping.  I

have also developed an interest in photography which I am enjoying very much.  My job

is more fulfilling and I am making more money.  So in these coaching sessions my focus

was on expanding my awareness of my connection with the source and it has been an

amazing experience.  I highly recommend all of the UF courses – it is an awesome way of

life!  Thank you.”

Amin had this to say;

“Thanks Bobbie for the 10 week coaching calls. I have experienced giant leap in my knowledge and experience of working with the 7 steps to creating my choices. I have finally made the shift from knowing about these steps in abstract terms to actually using the steps during the 10 weeks coaching calls to manifest certain choices. One such example is last week I was able to get into a sold out retreat in Northern California.  I now have the confidence I can manifest my choices knowing full well in due time all that I choose to create will come about using the 7 steps. Having attended all the calls, I came to appreciate the wisdom of the pace of the coaching calls – the pace of 10 weekly calls provided me with the requisite time to fully implement and understand deeply all the steps in the process. Thank you Bobbie for this training. I can now say with absolute confidence I can use the 7 steps in the creative process to bring my desires and choices into reality.”

Barbara’s comments

“With loving support in dissolving resistance to achieving my goals, I realized concrete progress in achieving them.  Bobbi’e process and mentorship is a great gift.”

Diane had this to say;

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for the group coaching program we just completed together.  It was a wonderful experience! It was so instrumental in helping me to identify what I really wanted to manifest, and also to identify and remove the blocks that were keeping me from my desires and my vision.  Going through the course with the other participants was also very helpful, because hearing the others express their experiences helped me to fine-tune my vision.  I enjoyed participating with the others and feel like I have made new friends as a result.

I am very clear now on my vision and very aware of my thoughts and the energy around me that are either helping me move toward my vision, or are keeping me from moving toward my goal.  When I am aware of those thoughts, or that energy, or anything else that is keeping me from my vision, I immediately change the thoughts, the feelings, and the energy in order to cause me to move in the right direction.  Thank you for teaching me how to do that!

Bobbie, this was a great experience for me.  I now have the clarity of my vision, and also the “how to” to bring it to fruition.

Thank you again!

Pat’s comments:

Thank you so much for offering the coaching course this fall.  It has been very helpful to me,  My biggest struggle has been moving from a vision related to business services to one relating to me personally.  Between the actual course work and our off-line conversations, I have successfully accomplished that transition.  I deeply appreciated the material on “forms”!  This brought a whole new understand of the power of energy.  The meditations where perfect!

In gratitude!


Jean’s thoughts;

Bobbie – even though I have taken many Unlimited Futures courses over the years – this one was different!!  You had some different information and it was more simplified!

I loved the course.  I am going to go back and listen again to all of them after the holidays.  I think that is such a selling point, Bobbie, to be able to go back and listen!

Thanks for keeping this going!  I am going to spread the word!!


PS – as you know my vision is alive and well

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Eileen Shaw – Eileen is a new minister.  She participated in the UF Core Course a number of years ago, and has continued to work with the process on a daily basis ever since, and all the things she wanted to create in her life, which were very big at the time, have been accomplished.  She understand how the process works and enjoys the ideal life for her.