The Road to Happiness

by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on April 5, 2010

Most of us have been happy for, at least, short periods of time.  Remember what it was like?  Often we believe that our ability to be happy depends on other people or forces outside ourselves.  Actually happiness is the result of a strong healthy nervous system.  We all have the potential to be happy, but it is usually our limiting and outdated beliefs that keep us unhappy, bored or discontent.

What we experience in our lives is a result of what we believe.  There is a law of attraction and repulsion that is always working in our lives to attract to us whatever we believe in and repel anything that does not fit our beliefs.  Therefore, we get stuck in the ruts of our beliefs, and our experiences will not change until we are able to change our beliefs.  Those beliefs were most likely programmed into our thinking as a result of experiences.  So you see, we just keep going around and around in the same circle having our beliefs create our experiences and our experiences creating our beliefs.

In order to change our beliefs and our experiences we need a strong healthy nervous system.  The nervous system is responsible for all the communication between the mind and body, and when it is damaged by more stress or demands than it can handle it becomes weakened, and incapable of changing our beliefs, consequently we stay in the same old ruts.

Most of the time we are not even aware that we are creating our experiences through our beliefs, but even if we are aware of it, it is impossible to change the beliefs, because the nervous system is not strong enough.

A strong healthy nervous system is the road to happiness, and in my book Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the life You Want, I give you a process to follow to release the built up stress in your nervous system, and strengthening the system so that is becomes capable of changing the limiting beliefs that have been programmed into your thinking, and put you squarely on the road to happiness.

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