by Dr. Bobbie Stevens on January 25, 2010

At one of our courses I overheard one participant say to another, “I know Bobbie wants us to become self-actualized, but I just want to make my life better”.  I chimed in and said, “How much better do you want your life to be?”  Then I explained that we all start from wherever we are and create our choices and visions from our perspective at that point.  If we are at a point where we can see many things that we want to change in our life, then we simply start changing them.

As we grow our consciousness or awareness expands and we see greater possibilities.  We then know that we can accomplish even greater things because we have proven our ability to create what we want for ourselves, by starting where we were at the time we started working with the Unlimited Futures process.  And I have never encountered anyone who said, “I have grown enough now”.  We start working with the process and life gets better, then as we continue to grow it gets even better.

What we are discovering is who we are and the power and abilities that we have within ourselves to create our own experiences.  This power is within all of us, but it lies dormant until we activate it.

When we start working with this process we begin to feel better, our energy increases, and we usually begin to feel more peaceful inside, our confidence usually increases then we notice that our mind is becoming clearer, more alert and aware.  Then as we continue to work with the process we discover that we are creating our own experiences and start to become aware of how we do this.  We learn how to work with the seven steps in the creative process to create whatever we want at the time.

Continuing to work with this process on a daily basis activates our ability to know who we are, understand laws of nature and principles of life that govern everything in the material world.  We become capable of knowing the universe in its wholeness and our role in it.  At this point self-actualization has become our reality.

We definitely do not have to be able to see all of these possibilities to get started, we just need a desire to grow and experience a better life.

If you would like to create a better life for yourself, I would recommend getting my book, Unlimited Futures: How to Understand the Life You Have and Create the Life You Want, read it and start working with the process described and experience your life getting better and better.

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